Healthy Living: Daily Records: 6/15/11

Breakfast: 1/2 ham sandwhich + 2 bowl of cereal = 350 calories

Snake: 1/2 chick nugget + bead + 1/2 bag of chips= 315

Lunch: 1 grilled chicken breast + 1 bowl of fried rice = 500

Dinner: 1 bowl of rice + 1 1/2 bowl of beef = 600

Daily Review:

The good: Um.. Today, was bad. I definitely over-eat. But there is a good about this is that I was able to resist a big cup of Milk Tea Boba. That would surely bring in another 200 calories… đŸ™‚ hehe

The Bad: OTher than that, my period started  on the 15th, so I have been eating a little bit more and the scale really shows it. All my exercise has cease b/c I don’t excerise when I am on my period.  I guess, I’ll patiently wait for my period to leave and then normal activities will starts again. As for now, all I can do is watch my caloires in take.

-No pictures today, I’m lazy & busy.

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