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Healty Living Daily Records: 6/29/11

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Breakfast: 1/2 ham sandwhich + 1 cup parafruit yogurt = 350

Lunch:  Southern Louisiana Salad = 220

Dinner: 1bowl of rice + 1 bowl of soup + 1 bowl of fish = 250 +200 + 200 = 650

Snack: 1 apple + Junkies + mango= 100+ 50 + 100= 250

Total: 1470 calories

The good: nothing much. I studie 🙂

The bad: Nothing much. But i should study more often..

Healthy living Daily Record: 6/26/11

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

B/c I was too lazy to do it yesterday…


(I had a sleep over with 7 of my girl friends from high school. We were so badd.)

Breakfast: 2 bowl of cereal = 300

Lunch: 1 Gonola bar = 200

Dinner: 1 big bowl of PHO + 1 bowl of RICE = (400) + 250

Midnight Snack:  1 cup of Mango Tea + Chocolate JUNK FOOD = 150+ 400 = 550

Excerise: none

Total Calories= 1700


Breakfast: 1 plate of hashbrown + 2 scramble eggs + 1 cup of starbuck coffee = 500 +300 + 75

Lunch: fruits = 200

Dinner: 1 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of fish = 400

Exercise: None

Total Calories = 1475


Breakfast: 1 banana + 1 cup of strawberry + 1 bowl of cereal + 1 cup of yogurt = 100 + 50+ 200 + 150 = 500

Lunch: 1 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of egg = 250 + 150 = 400

Snack: FREE SAMPLE AT COSTCO  (15 samples) = 300

Dinner: 1 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of beef + 1 bowl of soup = 250 + 150 + 100 = 500

Excerise: 1 mile jog

Total Calories= 1700

The Good:

One of the best SLEEP OVER PARTY I EVER HAD! 🙂 Friday night + saturday morning was thE BOMB! i SWEAR! I NEVER regret what I did and what I eat that night. It was a party, and I thought I deserved it.

The Bad:

On Sunday (26th) at COSCO, that was bad.. I went crazy with the free sample. I haven’t been to COSCO for a long time, so I forgot I had to control my eating habit.. THis will never happen again. As for the sleep over on the 24-25th, I ate a lot of junk food and unhealthy snacks. I know for sure this is going to hurt me in the long run.. and I’m sure I will gain some weight because of that. But It was 1 night full of fun and craziness. I am not going to penalized myself for that. But I will have to get back on track and eat normally again. Sunday eating habit was very BAD! Never again will I go loose at COSCO!

Digital Update: 6/26/11

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

This week, I have been bad with my eating schedule… I’m feel myself getting fatter.

Quote of the Day: 6/25/2011

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

I’m kinda disappointed in myself today about my GPA. I have made many bad decisions and I don’t know how to discipline myself. I procastinated. I am unwilling to do my homework or study. I rather do anything else. I know that is extremely bad, but this is exactly how I feel right now.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.”–Jim Rohn


Healthy Living: Patience

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I have been dissapointed in myself lately. I want am gaining weight again.

I want to lose weight so bad.. and so fast. I am always rushing myself to lose weight.

But now that I think about it, what’s the rush? Why I am in such a rush to be in a certain lbs? It took years of eating and slacking off to get me to where I am today. Thus, it will take time for my body to adjust and change. Thus, I shouldn’t rush myself, I should learn to be patience with myself: To understand that I cannot excerise everyday because of my busy schedule; yo understand that I can still make healthy eating decision, to understand that it takes time and practice to be able to adapt to a certain living style; and most important, to work hard everyday and be patience with myself. Because if I am eating correctly, and being active, then my body will change with time.

And if it requires extra effort for me to lose to 115 lbs, then I will adjust my lifestyle accordingly and find a way to squeeze a few trips to the gym. I think, in the end, everything takes time.

….and I feel good today. I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. Though, there is a lot of improvement I need to make to change my eating style.

“We are what we repeatedly do” -William Blake”

Healthy Living Quarter Analysis: Grades + Father Day

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Quarterly Assessment:

Today, I want to assess my quarterly activities.

I recently adopted Healthy Living in the beginning of my 3rd Quarter of my freshman year in college. During this 3 months, I have learn a lot and lost nearly 10 lbs. (Nearly…) Meanwhile, my grades is doing “okay”. But I’m still disappointed in it.

The Academic Side: First , I feel very disappointed in myself. I wanted to get straight A’s this quarter in college, and I “kinda” got it, but it wasn’t perfect. I finish the year with a 3.8 GPA. For a regular college student, this GPA is good, however, for a pre-med student, it’s not enough. My first year in college GPA was suppose to be my buffer GPA, for the next 3 years. The classes, the students, and the competition is going to get a lot harder in the next 3 years. SO, I needed a buffer GPA. However, my current GPA doesn’t allow me enough buffer room. This mean, I need to maintain this GPA for the next 3 years! (which is extremely hard…Thus, I’m kinda disappointed in myself) In order to secure a seat for me in UCLA Medical school (or any Medical school in California), I need a 3.8 GPA by the time of my application (which is 4th year). This brings to my concern, how am I going to maintain my GPA that high, when next year is going to be the killer year of all pre-med?

The Healthy Living Side: As for my weight, overall, it’s pretty good. I lost a significant amount of weight, to the point my I notice the changes in my clothes size. I am very happy and proud of myself. However, I could have done better, a lot better. I still need to lose to 115. So, I’m far from accomplishing this.In addition, I notice that my look have distracted me from my grades. I worry more about my look, and spends less time studying. I waste so much time on looking up clothes and make-up tutorials rather than studying. And I am still unable to manage certain amount of calories that I can eat.


The Academic Side: It’s really all my fault. I got no one to blame other than my carelessness self. I had complete control over my grades, but I didn’t do it to the best of my abilities. I procrastinated, made stupid decisions, and did not give it “my all” 100% of the time. There are days where I was extremely lazy. I regret it. But, I am willing to accept all of my flaws. No matter what GPA I get or any difficulties I face in my life, IT WILL NEVER PREVENT ME FROM GETTING INTO A MEDICAL SCHOOL! I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR! And I know I’ll be the BEST doctor to the best of my abilities. There are so much things I want to do with this profession. So much people I want to help.

However, even though I accept myself for my flaws, it does not mean I am happy with it. So, This summer, I am taking summer classes to Improve my GPA. I will practice better studying strategies and methods to improve the effectiveness of my studying skills. I will need to discipline myself. I am going to make it happen!

The Healthy Living Side: I am going to continue Healthy Living. I am going to keep my calories intake at the 1200-1500. Also, I’ll be going to the gym this summer. I will get up at 5:30 every morning, drive to UCI, and work at the gym, and attend class at 8am. So, this will allow me to 1 hours of exercise per day.

By the end of this month, I want to be 120 lbs. By the end Summer, I want to be 115 lbs.

Final Goal: In the next school year, I want to kick ass in my classes! And I want to look good doing it! 🙂

NOW.. i will need to plan to make this happen! Because..

“Nothing in life, that is ever worth it, comes easy”

Happy Father Day 🙂

Digital Update: 6/19/2011

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

No pictures this week. I went to Mexico yesterday, so I didn’t study for my math test this Monday.So, I have to make it up by studying today.

Also, I didn’t lose weight this week. I feel so bad. I need to get back to the gym next week.

But here is a picture for encouragement.

Healthy Living: Daily Records 6/18/11

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

This is the Clinic that I volunteer at in Mexico: We are the Flying Samaritans providing medical attention to those who cannot afford to do so.

Breakfast#1: Cereal + Oatmeal = 350

Breakfast #2: Ham, Eggs, and Cheese Burrito= 400

Snack: 1 banana + 1 apple = 200

Lunch: 12 inch subway =500

Dinner #1: Los Flatos de creame = 600

Dinner 2: 1 bowl of rice = 350

Total: 2400 calories

Daily Activities: Sitting in the car (6 hour) + Volunteer at Health Clinic (4 hour) + Waiting for Mexican food (1 hour)


The Good: Well, I got to travel to Mexico for a day! 🙂 And I got to taste real authentic mexican food. But the most rewarding thing for me was not the food or the trip. It was my Medical Mission when I helped out this old man. I gave him a physical check-up where i measure his blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, and record the reason why he wanted to see the doctor. I was there with him through the whole operation. I got to see how he took his medicine and what medical condition he was facing. Then I got to browse through his medical records and see how his health have improve. It was one of the most rewarding thing I have every done. I love it. It brings joy to me that I could make such a difference in his life. 🙂

The bad: Well, it’s obvious that I consume more than 1000 extra calories. The reason to blame was because I got up at 4:30 AM in the morning to leave for Mexico, and the trip to and from Mexico took 6 hours. So, not only did I eat a lot when I was in Mexico, I ate many times too. Thus, I feel extremely fat. I’m not regretting wasting my calories on this trip. I think that it’s a great opportunity to explore the food and the culture there. So, let’s just say that this was a reward I give myself for working so hard and trying my best, in despite all my flaws, during the 3rd quarter of my freshman year in college.

Healthy Living: Unworthy Spending Guilt

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I have a confession to make.  I have been extremely bad following the healthy living path. It’s not because I am sick of my routine or eating style or anything. But I am unable to controll myself from spending.

It might sound wierd but here goes nothing..

I am doing fine following a Healthy living lifestyle. I eat properly and I manage to keep my calories count within its range daily (or most of the time..) But, since summer break hit, i found it extremely hard. My mom cook really good meals and I eat a lot. I always get bloated and full after dinner. But lately, I manage to adapt to this living style.

However, I am out more often. When I go to the movies or shopping, I can’t help but buy snack or unhealthy food. I know the solution would to bring something healthy to eat along; however, I don’t want to look like a health freak infront of my friends. I want to appear “normal”. Thus, it lead me to buying junk food and snack that I don’t normally eat, and then I would eat those food. This lead me to gaining a few pounds.

But lately, I have been throwing these food away.I would take a few bite from the food and then feel extremely guilty, so then I trashed the food even when I’m not finished with it.  Just yesterday, I threw away a perfectly good Milk Tea Boba drink and today, I threw away a whole pretzel from Wetzel Pretzel. I FEEL EXTREMELY GUILTY and ashame of my wastefulness.

I don’t know why, I just can’t help buying these food. When I go out, I am surrounded by food stores and junk food. People around me are eating all these unhealthy stuff.. and I can’t help buying these food. Also, being around a crowd eating, I feel provoke to buy something also.

This is the last straw….


From now on, when I go out with anyone or with myself. I will ask myself 5 questions and spend 10 minutes contemplating before making my decision.

1. Will you be able to finish the food?

2. Will you be able to eat the food without regretting it later?

3. How will this affect your calories consumption?

4. What is in it? Is it worth to be in your body?

5.  Wait 10 minute: Repeat several time –Will this help me achieve my weight goals? Is it worth it?

Healthy Living: Daily Records: 6/15/11

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Breakfast: 1/2 ham sandwhich + 2 bowl of cereal = 350 calories

Snake: 1/2 chick nugget + bead + 1/2 bag of chips= 315

Lunch: 1 grilled chicken breast + 1 bowl of fried rice = 500

Dinner: 1 bowl of rice + 1 1/2 bowl of beef = 600

Daily Review:

The good: Um.. Today, was bad. I definitely over-eat. But there is a good about this is that I was able to resist a big cup of Milk Tea Boba. That would surely bring in another 200 calories… 🙂 hehe

The Bad: OTher than that, my period started  on the 15th, so I have been eating a little bit more and the scale really shows it. All my exercise has cease b/c I don’t excerise when I am on my period.  I guess, I’ll patiently wait for my period to leave and then normal activities will starts again. As for now, all I can do is watch my caloires in take.

-No pictures today, I’m lazy & busy.