Healthy Living: Hello Autumn

August 31st, 2012 by 2hotinhere


It’s been a while, here is what I have been up to!


April 29th, 2012 by 2hotinhere

Hey guys! 🙂

I’m switching blogs!

I’ll am still staying at 3fatchicks. But I’m making a new blog.

It’s been a year since I use this account, and the account is just getting to glitchy. I can’t comment or anything, and I just want to start new again. So, once I make a new blog. I’ll post it here! 🙂

BYE for now! 🙂

Daily Quotes

April 22nd, 2012 by 2hotinhere

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.  ~Frank A. Clark”

*** daily calories count:

Gym: 417 calories

Total Calories: 1700s

Digital Update: 4/22/12

April 22nd, 2012 by 2hotinhere

My recent Digital Update 🙂

I went to a conference.. so I thought “what the heck, why just not do a digital update with this outfit.”

Healthy Living: Round up

April 22nd, 2012 by 2hotinhere

So, … A week past.

I been trying to eat normal. But sleep coma is very bad for me. I sleep after every meal.. which is SOO BAD. I need to find a way to prevent this. Anyway, I kinda feel bad because I just recently got out of a CRUSH.. or lol, trying to get over a crush. So.. I have been eating more than usual. iDk… my friend told me to get over my crush because I’m wasting my time on them. And.. my friend is right. I just need to get over it. But.. it’s easier said than done. But, I believe life is a progress, and in time, I will learn to be indifference. As for now, I’m just trying to keep my mouth shut and STOP EATING CHOCOLATE!! LOL xD

And, I’m kinda happy I went down a lb. I guess that is something to celebrate for. BUt for some reason, my success seem so little.. in comparison to my heartache. T__T lol.. i’m so pathetic. ahhhhh!! Crushed!!!

Okay, back to normal now. So, I been going to the gym on the weekend. I will upload my calories count for tomorrow. Summer is coming.. i Need to get to 115. WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Oh well, It’s up to me. 🙂

Keep working hard 3fatchicks! I have been inactive b/c of school and MY CRUSH. Arg.. Weight been put on the backburner lately. But now.. it’s back on full speed. Though, I hate this blog now. I still can’t comment. I might have to make a new blog page!


Healthy Living Daily Record: 4/12/12

April 12th, 2012 by 2hotinhere


B: rice + fish + 2 bowl ceral = 350 + 350

L: salad + mini burger = 250 + 200

D: 1 salad + snacks = 400 + 100

TOTAL: 1650 calories
THe good: I’m eating.

The Bad: I ate chocolate in the morning b/c i was depressed over someone. lol, what the hell was I thinking?


B: 2 cereal bow + 1 noodle = 350 + 350

L: 1 salad + 1 burger = 250 + 200

D: 1 salad = 500

TOTAL: 1650

The good: um.. i was depressed over someone.. so, I kinda got sad. I guess it’s not really good then.

THe Bad: well, idk.. i didn’t study that much for my quiz.. kinda regret it.

Healthy Living Daily Record: 4/8/12

April 8th, 2012 by 2hotinhere

B:1 yogurt cup + 1/2 PB&J sandwhich + milk = 150 + 200

L: 1 sandwhich + 1 starbuck drink + 1 soup = 240 + 250 + 180

D: 4 fish roll = 200 + 150 + 200

Gym: 1 hr tredmill = 555

Total: 1620

The Good: Got my hw done.. went to the gym.. celebrated easter.. wow 🙂 I’M ON A ROLL

The bad: OMG.. There’s really nothing. 🙂 I’m proud of myself today 😀 haha. OH, i should have done a digital update.. but I’m not ready yet…

Healhty Living: A New Week

April 8th, 2012 by 2hotinhere

It’s a new week. 🙂

Yea, I know that you all are preparing for a new week. Monday starts tomorrow, and there comes work and school. But hey, think of it on the bright side, at least we have the opportunity to do better this coming week.

Let’s work hard together, whether it’s losing weight or just dealing with daily life isssue.

Btw, as for the picture:… doesn’t it make you want to hit the gym? Summer is coming!!!

I need new workout clothes. 🙂

Healthy Living Daily Record: 4/7/12

April 7th, 2012 by 2hotinhere


B: 2 mini salad + 1/2 bread =200 +300

L: 1 1/2 sandwhich + 1 bowl noodles + 1 bowl cereal = 350 + 250+ 120

D: 1 full bowl of rice + 1 bowl of soup + 1 fish = 300+ 200 + 100

Gym: 1 hr tredmil + streching stuff = 450

Total: 1800 calories

THe good: I did hw today 🙂

THe bad: damn it, I think I went over my calorie today.. but then, Idk what happen, I just can’t help it. It’s like I’m so hungry these days. I guess I have to watch what I eat now.. and yea.

Healthy Living Daily Record: 4/5/12-4/6/12

April 6th, 2012 by 2hotinhere


B: 1 bowl rice + 1 bread = 250 + 200

L: 1 Chicken Pitta = 500

D: 1 salad = 450

GYM: 20 min stair climb + 7 min uphill walk = 300 + 100

Total: 1500

The good: Um.. I ate within calories and I went to the gym.

THe Bad: I really need to start watching what I do and what I eat.


B: 1 bowl rice + 1 bread + 1/2 bag cereal = 250 + 250 + 100

L: 1 salad + 1 cha-burger= 550 + 250

D: 1 bowl rice + 1 bowl of potatoe = 250 + 200

Gym: 40 min tredmil + stretching..= 472

TOtal: 1850 calories

The Good: well, i went to the gym today and did some hw.

The bad: damn it, I went over calories limit. I should not pack a sandwhich anymore. It leads to temtation!! 🙁 Awww. But it’s okay, I ate a lot b/c yesterday, I work out like crazy to my metabolism is high right now.