2 dogs no more

It has been awhile since I have written…but I have been reading although not posting much. Haven’t felt like it (posting) for awhile. Just like has been there and things have been piling up.
I am no longer 2 dogs and a lady. That is hard. We had to say goodbye to our male dog Jake on Monday. That was the hardest thing I have had to do, and I find it still so very hard. He had so much life left in his eyes…his face. But he went so easily, we only realized how tired, how much pain and stress he had been in when they started to let him go. He had lost feeling in his back leg and tail and for a week and a bit we had been lifting his back end and giving him steroids and laser treatments. None which were doing enough for him to have any quality of life. This was dog that would run down the hallway with his squeaky beaten up crab hanging in his mouth waiting for you to play even though he had dysplexia (sp) and arthritis in his hips.
So goodbye my dear boy. My Jakers, my ‘gud boy:, Budders and sweet, lovable goof dog.

I miss you very much sweet boy…I hope you are getting Mom to throw squeaky toys around up there in Heaven. God made something as special as you, with gentle kind soul so He must have brought you to Him right?

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Having had quite a few kittys during my time on this planet, I empathize with you. Just keep in mind that he’s having a blast, wherever he’s at, while he’s waiting to see you again. Take special care of yourself during this time.

  2. Thanks Ellie. Seems even though it has been months, we still miss him so much. I think our Jessie misses him more.

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