stress: difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension

Difficulty..that sounds like such a weak word,. ‘difficulty”. What I feel I have been going through is so far beyond difficulty, it doesn’t even have a ‘d” in it!
Weight wise, I think I might be gaining not losing, but then I haven’t done anything to lose it. Skip meals, grab a soda or bar, the only water I have been getting is whatever is in my green tea! Then there is that fantastic little thing called family. Family, facebook these 2 things do not mix well. My God-daughter..oops not anymore, niece decided to post photos of me on FB. I had given her explicit instructions not to post them. They are embarrassing to me and I really do not want everyone to see how much weight I have gained over the past 7 or so years. My choice. Well she did post them, refused to remove them (she is the all knowing 13)etc. So I removed her from the “friend list” and had to change my photo settings so friends would not see any photos tagged with me in them. How stupid no? Well, the other day, I went on the S/O’s FB and saw that she added MORE of me from that day. Instant fume. I tried to reach out to my older sister (her mom) which she said, she had no intention in getting between the “issue” with her daughter and I. Holy freaking bat shit! She can’t even control her own kids. you know, if I pulled that kind of dis-respectful trick as I was growing up, I would have been beaten!So I never would have tried anything like that. When you were told to sit, you sat…you did not speak if you were told to shut up either. No begging or whining.
So, next thing I know, I am getting bullshit emails from sister, told been banned from all of her family etc emailing crazy nasty things. S/O was as flabbergasted as I was. I guess I had forgotten the ability my stupid family has for going ape-shit…beyond the usual ape-shit.
Then crap with work for the last 3 weeks has been so stressful. I actually had tears in my eyes yesterday when a supplier tried to blame their lack of attention to an order on me. When I am feeling so upset it is time to step back. Today I took a mental health day *cough cough*. Sleep wasn’t good as we have been having a non-pay of rent issue with a boarder…oh, did I mention, as I am sitting here blogging, he just moved out. Without paying for the week he owes..nor do we expect to get it. The other boarder said if he can’t find a job by the end of the month he has to move home. And the best part, S/O has not been well and has missed many weeks of work (not in a row). The doctors think he has Meniare’s cure..only ways to try and control it. wonderful. just freaking wonderful.

GOd must have forgotten the 80’s fashions are long gone. Those great big shoulders I had back then were due to the 3 sets of should pads I seemed to wear….these shoulders I have now…well they just can’t take much more.

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  1. Your sister and your family members seem VERY self-absorbed and bitchy. No offense but I would be PISSED off if my family posted pictures of me even though I said no.

    I hope this whole thing blows over but insensitivity from family members hurts a lot. I’m sorry you had to experience that.

    Enjoy Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you can find ways to get your mind off of things.

  2. (((((HUGS)))))

    Your niece sounds like a brat, and your sister frankly sounds like one too…

    Sorry you are having so much falling on you at once.

    Hang in there

  3. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You’re right…when we were growing up, we were taught to say “Yes, ma’am and no ma’am” and if we even THOUGHT to criticize or disobey an older relative, they’d have had our hides!

    Sounds like you’re going through a rough patch. Big Hugs! You’ll get through it!

  4. Hey, Lady! Hope things are looking better now. I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook, too, but I’m newly dedicated to getting back on track with 3FC and being healthy. Send me your facebook name at my email so we can chat sometime!
    [email protected] or just send it to me through a comment on 3FC.

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