Blue Sky Saturday!

I love Saturday’s! Especially when the sun is out and the skies are BLUE! that is what this mornings weather is showing! A breeze blowing..and the sure sign that spring is coming!
This morning I re-arranged the living room furniture ( I do that often) and took a light shade down and scrubbed it out. Why is it I never notice how they look until you are on the way out? But today I got it..I need a new light. That one is 40 years old and UGLY! But in keeping with my budget, will be watching work for one on sale that I like! 🙂 yes, on sale! haha
Later today I am going to find a vet that can neuter the dust bunny that has been living at my house, procreating like a fiend…

have a wonderful day everyone!

3 Responses to “Blue Sky Saturday!”

  1. Wasn’t Sunday gorgeous? I know you had a great Saturday but Sunday was even better! Beautiful blue skies here and the temp went up to an unbelievable 64 degrees!

    Sounds like you’re getting back to the healthy living again. Go, girl, go!!!

  2. can you come to my house to rearrange next? We’ve been living with a temporary furniture arrangement for months now and it’s driving me NUTS.

  3. Patty, spring is coming!!! We just need to hang on a bit longer! 🙂

    Round, I am still trying to find a vet to neuter that dust bunny who lives here..but as soon as i do, I would be more than happy to re-arrange your furniture! 🙂

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