Last night I dreamt I was running down a sidewalk because I could….and it felt wonderful. I miss things like that so much. I think my post last night keep me awake most of the night. BUT, that being said, keeping me awake was not only bad. I weighed myself this morning! 1st time in a tremendously long time…wasn’t as bad as i feared, but it wasn’t good either! But I DID face it!I watched Dragon’s Den a few weeks ago and some people had created a scale that doesn’t show your weight, just your losses or gains. I LOVED that! I think I might even look it up on the internet. Found it!Photobucket

Last night I got out my Herbal magic books, and wrote out this mornings breakfast and lunch so I did not have to think today about them. Small steps…have to get those rings fitting…and be able to walk my dogs without so much pain again! “rachwms” suggested water exercise, which I live, but the only place in my city that does that is the main centre..and the one that have specialty exercises for arthritis etc are during the day & I work there. Bikes, treadmills etc on land are a huge no no for me. But at least I am thinking of this stuff!

Happy Valentines Day Chickies…my honey is making me 2 eggs & 1 pc of toast…just like I asked for :O)

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  1. Maybe if you could keep to the straight and narrow for just two weeks, it would become easier and more of a habit. Why not aim for two weeks of good food and light exercise and see where it takes you?


  2. Wow, those might be “small steps” but they are HUGE!

    I’m proud of you for facing the scale & where you are.

    When I regained 2 years ago I avoided the scale way too long and kept referencing back to where i “should” be and that just kept a bad situation getting worse. When I finally faced the facts and just bit the bullet and wrote down the new “starting” number, I was able to move on.

  3. 2 weeks, that sounds like a great small step! Thanks for the advice Patty!
    Hard to face that scale wasn’t it round? but It can be done…and I did it!

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