and the good times keep on coming

Yesterday I bought a single betty crocker blender so i can make my herbalife shakes in it. Since I lost part to one last year when I was temporarily transferring back home. I love those shakes, having used them many years before. A simple breakfast or lunch. Breakfast will be steel cut oats and strawberries […]

the edge of madness

This past month has been one trying to get my life in order, organized and goal oriented to find happiness and healthiness. Not saying it is working 100%, but at least I am trying. But the past 3 weeks have wreaked havoc on me mentally. Why? I can say this because of the internet…the anonymity..I […]

Blue Sky Saturday!

I love Saturday’s! Especially when the sun is out and the skies are BLUE! that is what this mornings weather is showing! A breeze blowing..and the sure sign that spring is coming! This morning I re-arranged the living room furniture ( I do that often) and took a light shade down and scrubbed it out. […]

Last night I dreamt I was running down a sidewalk because I could….and it felt wonderful. I miss things like that so much. I think my post last night keep me awake most of the night. BUT, that being said, keeping me awake was not only bad. I weighed myself this morning! 1st time in […]

That’s IT!

So I have this issue with osteo-arthritis in both knees…and it is becoming increasingly more and more limiting on my life. And this is MY fault. Why? Because I weight too damned much and I know it…yet for some reason, I haven’t gotten back on track and started to eat right again. WHY??? WHY?? WHY??? […]