Taking stock

January 3rd, a day to take stock & figure things out. Yesterday DH & I had an appointment with our banker to open a new joint account. We will pay all bills out of it, rather than use my account. This was we don’t have access besides online to it.. Our banker also gave us a wonderful book on how to budget and do what you need to do to get where you want to get. very helpful indeed. Sad when here I am at 42 years old and I still screw things up. At least I have taken a grip on things. Sat down & figured out all bills, owing and future, savings etc and went from there. I can;t believe we have enough $$$ to pay everything, savings included and have some left over! All on paper, not running to pay this or that..scrambling around. I was surprised! Pleasantly no less! DH & I talked about bank fee’s, which credit cards had the highest interest rate and which 2 we should get rid of..because we do not need 4 between us! I feel hopeful about this. I feel that DH seeing what exactly we owe will help him concentrate on working more, perhaps even getting a better paying job. (really, after 5 yrs at the same place, numerous accommodations, night shift premium..and he makes under $11. an hour!) Costco is opening here, they are unionized and he can make more than $16. an hour starting WITH benefits. But he drags his feet on doing it…I have sent in his resume regardless and will be following up to see where he needs to go for it as well. He has very little initiative and would be happy to stay there making little. That is just him. Drives me bonkers on many levels as well!

Weight wise, I just am going to watch what I am eating…go back to no soda (I did well for 3 weeks) and stay away from the snack machines. The budget will help not buy things from fast food places and the lunch bag lady at work as well.

The hives I have had since May aren’t as bad as before…they are slowly getting better. Still taking the 3 meds but they are seeming to get better!

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  1. Money management always looks much easier than it is, and I think we all should have it as a mandatory class in high school. We’d all be much better off emotionally as well as financially if we started out understanding budgets and credit and debt, etc. Oh well, you are doing the right things, and you are right to share all the details and responsibility with hubby. Speaking from experience there is nothing worse than a big financial surprise from your spouse! I like this website: http://www.gailvazoxlade.com/articles.html

  2. My DH & I have worked through things over the past 6 months too & it’s nice to feel like things are under control, clear & fair between us. We have very different money styles (I’m a saver, he’s a spender) so keeping the joint finances neutral is always a challenge for us… Communication is a good first step, and try as we might, nothing replaces a good budget!

  3. Hey, Lady! Good to hear from you!

    I don’t even want to think about finances. I guess a budget would help us but I don’t spend a lot of money and I’d hate to be restricted on what I do spend. If I looked at it, I’d probably realize that I don’t spend enough! 🙂

  4. tj, thank you for that link! I have visited it many times. I did the chart and went over it with the better half, although he wasnt interested in it..dork. I am going to keep using it though!
    Round, hi there! I used to be a saver..but now there never seems to be enough to save..or perhaps that is what my emotions tell me when I dont want to “look” at the hows and why.

    Patty girl, i think restricting most likely is akin to dieting. when you say it out loud, it becomes restrictive and all consuming mind wise.

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