Welcome 2010!

Happy New Years!
Let the bell’s ring loud! 2010 has arrived!

And not a moment too soon! I brought it in quietly, with Stacy working and myself sleeping. I find I have done that for so many NYE now that is has become habit. Since it is his birthday as well, next year i am going to make a special effort to NOT do that…but to plan something special for him. A house party perhaps! Whatever, he deserves something better than being at work or by himself watching a game whilst I sleep.

2009..what a year it was…a year. I am so glad it has passed. It ended sadly with my Godmother Betty passing away. I hadn’t spoken with her for almost 3 years, which is something I regret. Dementia had taken a hold of her and they had moved to her daughters’ in Ontario. Hopefully my Godfather Victor will be able to continue on without her. he is currently int he hospital for bowel obstruction…prayers are needed. I know Betty was a believer, but not sure on Victor. I remember them from when i was very young and lived in Ontario…they bought me a walking doll, a tall one. Strange the things we remember…somehow deeming them as more important than others.

Weight wise, well it pretty much sucks. point blank sucks. haven’t dome much to combat it and the knees are really the issue with the weight. I have been semi-serious considering getting y 1st knee replaced sooner than later…but then stop to rationalize how much better I felt when the weight was off somewhat. I miss dancing and going up and down stairs strongly. Being able to wear high heels to a function…not that I have gone to any the past few years. Being big means to me embarrassment. But I am not making that a resolution for 2010. Not out loud. No sense in it. But work on a life strategy ok.

1st new strategy…finances. Oh how the sucked last year. Living pay cheque to pay cheque, having to get a loan for when Jake was in the veterinary hospital. I swore when that happened (the thought of maybe having to have him euthanized because we did not have the $3500 to have the operation) we would get a grip on $. Well we haven’t. I have however been watching allot of money shows this vacation…one of the major things is to get a joint account for all bills to come out of. By all $ going into my account, and all bills coming out, DH has no idea how much we owe or what is going on. This way I won’t forget what is coming out etc and perhaps have a better grip on everything..So tomorrow we have an appt at 10am with our banker to open a joint cheque’ing account. Stacy has worked Christmas & NY’s making extra $ to help with everything. We did not even celebrate Christmas with a special meal or gifts. however, we did buy ourselves a new washer & dryer in December… ours died around May and it was costing us more at the laundrymat than 30$ a week! not to mention the hours there. I also think their propane dryers are awful hard on clothes. So we bought some front loaders that were on sale. Samsungs. Easier on clothes and water…not to mention energy star!

Our horrid bathroom reno is pretty much done except for the prettying up of it. Someday i will see towel bars I just love. But until then, we use the bars on the shower doors. I love it 70% more than our old one. I would do many things dfferently if I did it again. But it is ok for now. If we do everything right this year, new doors, windows & siding for next year. A nice 2″ codeboard foam for an extra R10 factor. You know you don’t have enough wall insulation when the honey in your cupboard goes white….tooo cold! *note to self, when friends say they will help out with this reno, do not believe or depend on them/remember bathroom reno*

Anyways, 2010 is here..I am hoping the hives I have been battling since June finally leave me…I think they are from stress…but my doctor disagree’s. So does DH. What do they know?


I looked at the last entry I had done. Back to June or so…not that I haven’t thought about blogging. I read Sista Pat’s religiously..(and sometimes I get so furious with the cw I want to scream!) I look for Meg’s, Hag’s, 310nm & l.i.i.Paradise as well..but never seem to get around to it here.  I will try and get here ore often….

Peace & blessings my friends…..

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