Nothing stays the same…e v e r

     It surely has been a long hiatus from the blog world, although I do ready Sista Pats, 310 & Losin’ it in Paradise fairly often. I guess I just have not felt inspired in my own world..enough to blog about it. but here I am, going to give it a go.…what is new. Oh I have the hives..over a month now and they don’t know why. Now I am on 20mg reactine…other things havent worked and I am looking like a 1940’s waif scrathcing all the time. Big huge freaking hives..covered in them! Day and night, the bloddy things never rest! big goof dog…started having siezures at night..and lethargic int he day. The vet continously gave the wrong diagnosis and ignored the concerns I had regarding his rapid weightloss. Then they dicovered he had a mass in his abdomin. Off to P.E.I Vet College for a consult with him. A 4hr drive to the place and he was awesome..he hadn’t ever been on a long trip like that. With camera/video of seizures, xrays and medical info we met with the 2 vets. They showed me a huge mass on the xray. They also said because of the video of his seizing, they thought it was a brain tumour & an abdomin tumour. But leave him with them for 3 hours to do their own tests and then come back. As soon as I hit the parking lot I broke down. This boy (dog) has never caused me any problems except for a few (3) skunk attacks and a few fear bites. He is sweet, goofy and absolutely wonderful..and I might lose him. Right away I went back to the discussion DH & i had about quality of life vs quantity. I wasn’t going to even contemplate brain surgery for him. He is 11yrs old and that wouldn’t be fair.. We sat at a Tim Horton’s and had tears & tea for the next few hours. I had texted everyone to let them know what was going on as I couldn’t talk to them..I couldn’t say anything without bawling.

   Went back to the vet..they came out with better news. they had done tests & his blood sugar was so they did it again and it wouldnt register on their machine. So they thought that we were dealing with a tumour secreting insulin constantly…causing seizures. They beleived his quality of life for him would be better than before…and they recommended it. The vet (Vlad( said he originally had been trying to figure out how to have the talk about quality with me until the tests showed low BS.)

 We left my boy there…but with a better heart & a hopeful heart. He cleared the operation, a 13cm tumour hanging off his intestine..he lost 1.4litres of blood too..and for 4 days he would not eat much for the vet. Been a long haul, but my boy is getting better. Nice to see he is also gaing weight back!

   Dad got married in may..did not have to be the photographer after all. The 4 of us siblings gathered at my brothers house after that night to remember Mom. I don’t know if Dad & his wife liked that or not, but they had their moment, it was our time to deal with it. My older sis wrote a letter to Mom and read it to us. None of us had dry eyes. It said allot and asked for alot of forgiveness as they fought 2 weeks before Mom passed away..and hadn’t spoken since. Don’t delay in getting over things Chickies…a lifetime of regret is a heavy burden to bear.

   My bathroom has been ripped aprt for 3 months..all the help never really helped, the orig plumber really sucked. The others never showed up and now the other one, who is great when he is here…has 13hrs here in 2 weeks. But at least he knows what he is doing! Hopefully the bathroom looks awesome..because we may be selling! Yes Chickies…I am moving back to where my family is! or at least I hope I am! My company had an opening in another branch & it seems “I” am a valuable commodity! Yep, true…3 stores want me!!! Not enought to pay for my move, but that is ok. I will be able to get where i want to go. Stay with my younger Sis & her family for a decent rate, and commute back home on weekends. It won’t be easy, but until everything gels, it will do. DH doesn’t thing moving for family is the right reason…no sense in trying to change his mind either. I will just have to do the best I can and we will have to make the best of it. Of course I have to still interview with the HR & Manager, but I expect that will be well.


Weight wise…SUCKING. yeah gained 10lbs back. stress is a joy to behold when it comes to a diet isn’t it?


Hope you are all well chickies..

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  1. I am SO HAPPY your dog is going to be OK. We have two and I would do anything for them. Dog Persons Rule! Screw the ten pounds, you will lose it again. You have through a lot. Great news on the job front – congratulations!

  2. Gosh, you have had a tough few months, so forgive yourself for any weight gain.

    I’m glad you and your siblings were able to find some peace regarding your mom’s death at the same time you were there for your dad starting a new chapter – in the end I think it’s a really great combo, although it must have been very hard emotionally.

    For your dog, I feel for you having to go through the stress and worry, but am so glad the outcome has been so positive and that you’ve been able to bring him home and help him heal.

  3. Hey, Lady! Haven’t heard from you in a while but hope things are looking better. Hope the move went well, hope the doggie is doing great, hope the bathroom is finished.

    ….Gads… wonder you’ve been scarce…

    (((((BIG HUGS!))))

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