No more room on the bus

      or at least it kind of feels that way. I feel like I have filled the bus up with the past month or 1’s events..and have dragged that bus with me!!

     let’s see…dad got married in May. Mom has been gone 2 years..he was pretty depressed. I saw a side of her (the new wife) i was not so crazy about on the wedding day, but regardless, I do hope he is happy with her. I heard from him yesterday for the 1st time since the wedding. He sent me an email asking for technical help ;(  .  After their wedding that night, we kids (is that the right grammer?) went to brothers house and remembered Mum and just talked and laughed. perhaps the wife feels miffed about it..

        This weekend my brother will be holding a 1st family day..all the kids, grand kids and my dad and his wife all will converge at his place on Saturday. Should be interesting. this will be a 1st let’s hope not a last.

        My male dog jake has had a rough time lately. Was having siezures and ended upi having to bring him to a vet college 4 hours away. He ended up having a 13cm tumor on his entestine which was secreting insulin constantly rather than just when you eat. His blood sugar was so low it wouldnt register on their machines. 6 dyas later I was able to go and pick him up. He is still pretty weak. he lost 12 lbs in those days…and he had over 1litre of blood around the everything is wacky right now.


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  1. I like that. No more room on the bus. Personally, I compare my overloads to a ferry. If the boat gets too full, somebody falls overboard. I can’t deal with anything else until the ferry docks and a few people get off the boat so I can pick up new passengers.

    Hope Jake comes through it all okay.

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