it’s mah birthday *yay*

  Yes indeed it is! It started off really nice with s/o waking me up with a cuppa cold-blaster tea ( yes I have that danged cold again) he made me eggs & toast, packed my lunch and is making me supper! bbq’d cod (wrapped in foil with onions, lemon & garlic) and steamed green beans…Considering he HATES onions, yet he cut them up for my supper, I really feel special *grin* He also bought me a book i wanted, The Wealthy Barber…

   After lunch I found a cupcake with pink sprinkes by my computer from a co-worker..and a funny card. Those simple things really really make a difference in a day.I dreamt of Mum last night. She needed something from me, and was happy. It made me glad to see her smile and be happy…I still miss her.

   Dinner was awesome! the fish was cooked just strong fish taste!! and enough for lunch tomorrow too!!



I hope your day was as good as mine….Happy Monday everyone, may it be a blessing to you today!

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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s all those wonderful little things that let us know how loved we are! Glad you had a nice day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chickie! That fish sounds wonderful. Does your s/o cater? What about delivery?

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