Shiney Sundays..and couch potatoes

  At least my kitchen floor is starting to look shiny on a Sunday! I was on my hands and knees scrubbing corners etc this am. I just wanted to get moving and this had been one of the things I have wanted to do for a long time. I will pay for this tomorrow…between my fingers for the scrubbing & my knees…but I am happy with the results!!!! Some days it just helps to get clean doesn’t it? Unclutter some!

   I have been wavering on my Herbal magic weight-loss journey. It is a great plan but I have been mucking about. I was half considering isagenix, as a customer is on it and has done a-freaking mazing…but after more and mor reading of it, I just am not sure it is for me. I worry about putting any weightloss back on! So, I have become more eager so to speak to follow the plan. I do great for brekkie, lunch is usually a nice salad green mix, with 1 cup strawberries and raspberry oil dressing (yum) and another fruit. I am allowed 3 oer day so I usually have them during the day. It seems to be the evening I am struggling with…I think as soon as we start the bathr destruction it might help change some. Keeping busy in the evenings is what I am not good with. Quite frankly, I am a lazy azz. I am mentally beat when i come home and i laze around on the computer instead of going for a walk with the dogs or doing some other thing for the house… I am a lazy azz…and I absolutely hate that about myself. I think the computer is what I get caught with.  I think back before I had one and I was much busier…much more outgoing with Jes etc.                                                                             So tell me chickies, how do YOU do it..limit your time to the net? I sit down , grab the laptop and off I go….or veg in front of the TV. I need to GET OFF MY AZZ! No kids, just dogs, bad knees, health issues, weight issues…..and completely unmotivated to do the move thing..The s/o won’t help, he hates excercise, remotely healthy food he is a no-go for “real support”..and besides, this journey is really about ME, so I need to do something extra MYSELF….for myself…


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  1. Don’t you love it when everything is clean and shiny? I’m not getting that this weekend. We’ve had a house full of grandkids and have picked up a dozen times until we just gave up. I soooooo miss my empty nest. Told DS today, “You have no idea how hard you make it on your father and I. After we’ve already raised you and your brother, we’re now raising two of your kids at a time in our lives when we should be able to relax, spend our money on what WE want, and live in a house that doesn’t need any heavy cleaning. Instead, we’ve got the boys to take care of and I spend my evenings helping with homework, cooking full meals and doing piles of laundry. Now you’ve moved in and made it even worse and you keep Holly every weekend which makes our home a madhouse of kids and grandkids.”

    He gave me the old, “What am I supposed to do, Mom? I’m not making enough to pay for a place for me to live and still pay for Holly and Tina (his estranged wife)and keep a roof over their heads. Don’t you think I want out of this situation just as much as you do?”

    Evidently not…..

    On the evening thing, that’s so hard. We’re programmed to relax after a long day of work. I do best if I go shopping or something. Not that that helps the budget. I try to have things to keep me running until at least 5:00 and then I have to fix dinner and get things ready for the next day so I can usually stretch it out until 7:00 or so. Then comes the dead time….

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