waiting for bedtime…

I already had a 2 hr nap this afternoon..completely exhausted. No, I did not go out last night till the wee hours…but I DID watch Paranormal stories (or whatever it is called) and got creeped out. I ate brownies as well..so i was loaded up on sugar with the creeps…and you can guess how my dreams went..FRIGGING SCARY!!! *ugh* between Jes my dog pacing and panting around 12:30am and trembling so much it was making my non tremble bed move (I had to let them out…)then back in..she starts it all over again..So I made her get down onto the floor..and Jake my bog dufus slept with me on the bed..hogging all but my 1′ edge of the bed. S/O works nights and has his own room. I travel in my sleep and he likes his blankets and sheets perfect..so we do not sleep well together..this works..except the dogs claim my bed! Hahah. I have less space with them that with S/O. I also sleep around the dogs..except for last night. I just had a crappy sleep..and then at 6:45am this am..jake decides it is time to start his moany-whiny noise which he does for attention!! Can you say FOOk~ Anyways, up I was…so I want to get some good sleep.


Today diet wise was good except for supper. I had potatoe salad with FF cataline dressing on it. An old comfort food…lets hope all the mayo doesn’t muck up my stomache again..One would think I would learn NOT to eat things I am not used to eating anymore right/ glutton for punishment!


Oh yes, watched Twilight today…what a wierd little movie.


Ok..I know it is early, but I am going to crawl into bed with a non creepy book..gnight chickies..

may you all have a great sleep…see you later this week!

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