blue skies & Wednesday always make me smile…

or at least right now since I am off for the day. A day off, much needed, 2pm and I am STILL in my jammies! Spent most of the day reading blogs, doing dishes, watching tv..just giving myself a better frame of mind. 2 meals in today and NO cheating..ok, maybe a bit extra cheese […]

Baby Bunny Monday

   Have you ever seen a 3 week old bunny? Have you ever held a 3 week old bunny? If you have not, let me tell you how wonderul that was! I held 2 for quite ahile this afternoon and I am in love! My gosh those sweet lil things..soft grey furr and the sweetest […]

Sundays’ child is full of grace

  Or full of hotdogs, water & sunshine…at least today they were! My Godson Noah & his sister (our neice and nephew) were over today. Now considering we do not actually have children of our own, this was our fun time.  the kidlets had a blast, so did the pups. We coloured all over the […]

stinky dog no more!

 HA! the poor fella has no idea what his evil, mean Momma has planned for him at 10am! Off he and I will go for some special “just us” bonding the self-serve dog wash! Yes fellow chickies, I cheat and do NOT ruin my crappy old tub to wash them..Been there, tried that, ended […]

He is Risen!

Good Friday & decisions

Today has started very early again thank you to Jes. I find my anger/annoyance with that pup getting the best of me today. When I realized that my heart broke. I don’t know what is up with her the past week at nights…if there is a sound going off and her thinking it is her […]

waiting for bedtime…

I already had a 2 hr nap this afternoon..completely exhausted. No, I did not go out last night till the wee hours…but I DID watch Paranormal stories (or whatever it is called) and got creeped out. I ate brownies as i was loaded up on sugar with the creeps…and you can guess how my […]

Saturday…spring time *maybe*

weigh in this morning..and i dont know how things are going to go..ok, lets be truthful, I KNOW how they should go..Heather you arent going down….but….I still keep hoping it may have dropped a bit although there isnt any reason why it should. I ate every thing that moved ro not yesterday..and most of it […]