day 3 of a challenge

Today is the 3rd day of a 1 week challenge 3 chicks thread has going on. 3rd day where I have followed the program pretty darn well! Avoided the cookies, the extra everything. Not even been too bad on my water! The scale this morning really shows it as well! I have a w.i in […]

Beautiful blue skies….and a Saturday off!

What could be nicer? <ahhhh> I have been up since aorund 6:30am (almost like sleeping in!) and vegging out since then. i will be heading in for my w.i shortly. The centre is under new in back to the corporate office. I am happy because it was constantly cutting back the hours it was open, […]

happy re-union

             Yesterday I had the chance to get back to my home-city to spend time with Nan again. I also had the opportunity to get dad & colleen to go and visit as well. This has been Dad’s 2nd visit to see Nan in 2 years. She was so darned happy to see him. I had […]

shaking off the dreams..and the weight

5:55am, Haven’t shaken off the last nights dream yet. It was odd, but involved an ex-boyfriend from over 20 yrs ago. The one who got away if you understand that term.  I am not sure why I dream of him every now and then, We aren’t even in the same city anymore. One day I […]