splish splash…

                  25mm of rain heading down on us now. While I am hopeful it helps to wash away the show, I don’t like the fact my driveway now competes with the city’s ice rinks for thickness of ice! We were cutting it out yesterday and one section literally had 5″ of […]

how many wacko’s, weirdo’s & meanies are out today?

    I am not really sure,  but I can say i had more than my fair share today..& that evil thing called Zeelda who called and ripped my face off verbally can take her quote & …&…well..let’s just say it would never be seen again! Some people have no idea how things go. I can […]

happy hump day….it’s almost done!

well the day is almost finished…at least the paid work day is. I do however need to spend another 3 hours on the newsletter for the store that I have been ..um..er….putting off for months! Slacker with a capital S! It would not have been so bad if we had more people contributing to the […]

Tuesdays nutrition

Brekkie 1 cup cooked steel cut oats (yes I got all of my starch in at once~) 1 cup fresh halved strawberries 2 cups of water.   Lunch, 3 cups steamed green beans (yellow & green) 1/2 cup steamed carrrots. 1 tbsp becel   yes I know, I just wanted to eat all my veggies […]

freedom & blogs….

Yesterday I made some changes. I was in the lunchroom and a few of us were talking about the governments Do Not Call List and how they were selling that list to telemarketers. Kind of defeats the entire do not call thing hmm? I digress, I made the remark about Citi calling me every bloody […]

the proverbial lightbulb has turned on…

       Have you ever needed one of those moments…where you just feel like a light bulb went off and things made sense….& then you got it? Well I needed one, and got one this morning. I was kind of adding extra calories on lately…sneaking those chocolate bar or stuff..or maybe those stupid butterscotch candies our HR […]

muliple of musings….action required

Happy Sunday all!     Another cool day here in NB and looking outside I can see it has just started to snow again. Good grief I am tired of snow! The plow was by today before any snow started..maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy? Maybe I need to find that plow and flatten it’s tires! […]

a million reasons to be thankful…

        The latest sadness in the news was the crashing of the Dash 8. I was just reading some of the reports of the people who missed the planes..due to bad weather or long lines..and it makes me think, God bless for those small things..and my heart is saddened for the ones who have lost […]

forgetting to be grateful…

      Some day’s we forget how fortunate we are. We (mainly ME) forget to thank God for the fact I have a house for shelter, a man who loves me, 2 wonderful 4 legged furry beasts with hearts bigger than them and God. I forget that I am fortunate to have a job […]

I am thankful..

  Last night I was sent a message on DFacebook that one of my friends from a different workplace was killed in an accident. This has saddened me greatly. I had run into him over the summer and he looked great. he was happily married to a wonderful lady, had great kids & a good […]