last night I cheated…oh dear me..*grin* Everyone needs a little break. Things are good though!  I ate breaded mushrooms baked in the oven… not as good as deep fried, but I wasn;t about to go whole hog off the program. Hahaha. This morning I got back up, have my vitamins , eggs and toast…back to the world of weight loss. Scale did show some increase, but I was expecting it regardless today for the t.o.t.m.

  I was telling a lady this week at work about the weight loss, and her reply was “good, now lets hope you keep it up”. See last time I lost over 40 lbs and just stopped. She obviously had to tell me that…I get it, I just wish she hadn’t said that. I haven;t told many people at work for that reason. I just tell them I am not buying form the lunch lady because I was spending far too much money doing that last year and I want to save money.

   The other half says he is sick again. He stayed home from work lasy night because he had a headache…what he may not realize is, I have decieded that all these sick nights take $ OUT of his “allowance” he gets out of his pay. It all goes into my account *he was screwing it up in his..bills not being paid etc* so now it is all in mine and I have the responsibility of paying them. I think he has actually taken 3 days off so far since the beginning of the year. I am beginning to wonder if he actually even thinks of how much money he deosn’t make, and where is the cut-off of the call centre’s  aceptance of his illnesses? Especially since cut backs abound lately!!!

  Anyways, a snowy day here and we have already begun to pick at each other. He has been using the word hell allot lately. he is sick as hell, or hell this etc. It bugs me and I told him he was saying ti with everything. he got mad and pissy faced instead of stopping and saying, am I? gee I did not know. He knows I do not like that stuff…but it get’s worse. oh well….another day in paradise right?


  no more whining! going to have a good day and later go out and get some more asian pears..I love those fruits!


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  1. sorry about the other half business. good you are taking it in stride and not letting him get to you. Lots of people, circumstances and whatnot will try to sabotage us, purposely or innocently, and just plain stupidly, ifn’ dat’s a word. People don’t wanna see other people succeed because they weren’t able to.

  2. I think you are right inkheartmeg. I think somewhere in his subconscious he really doesn’t want me to lose the weight. It affects his world with me…I think he is afraid of what might happen when I look better..He is a bit insecure that way.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m not stressed about it. I feel they are safe for now, no one is hurt, they have food and water, and heat. So don’t worry. It won’t affect my progress. Not to say the pizza from last night didn’t though. 😉

  4. Hang in there, Lady! You’re doing GREAT!

    Some people just have to be negative. Don’t let evil/jealous/spiteful/ignorant (insert appropriate adjective) woman get you down!

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