I’m melting!

    Ok, so perhaps not exactly melting, but I AM getting smaller! As of Wed’s w.I I am now 18″ smaller than I was on Dec 30/08 ! As well as almost 14lbs lighter by their scale! My scale says slightly over 15lbs gone, but hey I am not going to split hairs on this. I am happy as things are coming along!     :O)

     The weather has been terribly bizarre here lately.. -28 *add wind as well* then up to -7 today ..and a wild snow then freezing rain storm after it. The parking lot as work was so bad, so completely a sheet of ice, I crossed it doing the it “The Old Tim Conway” (character on Carol Burnett) shuffle! If you haven’t seen that show, you missed a great era of comedy.

    I have the weekend off and am going to head out to visit Nan again for an hour or so, but not going to take any time to visit the family. I think while it may bother me, they may just have to reach out to me for once. I swore when Mom passed away that I would never let the years go by that did before, but at the same time, I refuse to be the one trying to bring everything together anymore. It has to be a family effort, and perhaps even an appreciated one. Hopefully I will hear from the younger sister so I can stop in quickly to see the Godchildren for an hour as well. Mackenzie is so much fun at this age, and I really want to get some more photos as they grow. At their ages; 2 and 7, they grow faster than the weeds in my yard in the summer, and that is pretty darn fast!

    I was remembering how Mackenzie likes to gently say “some, some” when she wants some of what you have, or perhaps something else..makes me smile right now. I think need a photo of her and I together as well…she is such a cute little pixie girl!

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  1. OMG! That’s fantastic! I bet you can feel the loss, too! Still have any clothes that fit? Hang on to your undies so you don’t lose them. Hmmmm…I wonder if they make undie suspenders (kind of like sexy little garter belts) to hold up your undies while you’re losing weight?

    Yeah, I know what you mean about those cute little kiddos! I’ve got a houseful right now because of the ice storm and I’ve had a full serving of what we call “Scout Logic” in the last few days. My God, the things kids can come up with!

  2. Patty I enjoy reading Scout logics! They have the simplest way of looking at things!
    Lots of clothes fit..good thing as I hate buying new ones..but eventualyl will have too. Underwear suspensders..now there is something for you to make you zillions with! hahaha

  3. Is that a typo? 18 inches? WOW that’s totally awesome. Way to go!

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