a cold day with no end in sight


    It has been a cold day here..and it is only 9:43am! I just finished an Asian pear (I love those things..kind of a mixture of a pear but with a juicy apple feel) They are not the cheapest fruit right now, but I think they are by far the best ones going. I also had 2 pc of weight watchers multigrain toast have you ever tries that? It is actually pretty card tasty!) with becel. That is my brekkie for the morning.
    The last 3 days I have tried to follow the program but have not been very successful, although it still shows a weight loss! I am afraid tomorrow may not show one when everything catches up with me. *gulp* but this is a lifelong program, so I am working with it!
    Older sister and I had a set to the other day. I finally told her what I thought, she did not appreciate it and promptly hung up on me. I did not bother calling her back, it will still be all about excuses. I had been visiting Nan in the nursing home, it was a fairly good visit, she only wants to have an hour visit now, but she knew me for a bit. But she IS terribly lonely. I told DS she needed to stop making excuses and go and visit her. (If I can drive an hour & a half each way, she can go 15 minutes each way!) She was always Nan’s favorite g.c and that is fine, but she has to stop making those danged excuses. She told me I did not know what was going on and I said it did not matter, because if she did not do it, when the time came where Nan was gone, she would have to deal with allot of heartache. She re-iterated the same crap about me not knowing what was going on, she was busy, I told her to get her other daughter to watch the younger one for an extra hour..it wouldn’t kill her since she was always texting people anyways (why does an 11yr old have a blackberry btw??) Anyways, she hung up on me. My personal opinion, mean as it is,, if Nan still had control of her funds, d.s would be there almost every week hand outstretched. that is her point blank. Now that Nan can not, she has very little use for her. Over time, her true colours have shown..and they are not pretty. History has repeated itself with her over and over. pathetic! can you see how unhappy I am with her???? If it doesn’t benefit her or to her whining it isn’t going to get done.
    I have been thinking about this the past week or so, I am going to start distancing myself from the immediate family (except Nan of course) I just feel I am tired of being the one to constantly be the one to reach out. Now, I suppose reaching out to d.s how I did was not the best way, although it hadn’t quite started out that way. I think it will be better for me mentally to just distance myself. And since no one else will take care of us, it is up to ourselves yes?
    Onto better things, I have found a recipe for perogi casserole, and while I can not have it, the other half can, he loves perogi’s. So it is easier to make that the lasagna, not too mention considerably cheaper, so today I will make him it. If it works out and is enjoyed by He_Who_Eats_Easy_Made_Food_Only I will let y’all know *grin*. I do not bother cooking for him anymore. If it isn’t junk he wont eat it and I can’t trust myself to not eat it! hahah *oops*
have a good day chicks..and thank you for reading :O)

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  1. congrats on your loss. I find following the program the real long-term success, the pounds will come off, if not this week then eventually. Delita

  2. Good job on the loss! Your hard work is showing.

    Sorry about the Big Sister. It’s kind of the opposite with my sister and I. Bless her heart…she’s always there for everyone. She’s the one who PLANS and ORGANIZES everything and I usually just wind up pitching in some money and showing up to enjoy the festivities. In all fairness, however, her son is grown and gone and she’s been divorced for ten years so she doesn’t have all the kid stuff and hubby stuff that I do.

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