Almost Friday!

 HA! Caught you wondering whar was this person going on about!

It is Tuesday, once again up early, clothes in the dryer (I really need to buy more clothes, I just hate the idea of spending good money on clothes when you won’t (a goal) be able to wear them for more than a month or so..and the clothes the 2nd hand store have unless you are a size 12 or lower aree all made of polyester…and “we just ain’t goin’ there” *laughing out loud* I gave away alot of my clothes to my older sister when i lost weight before…I still am glad i did, because you are not supposed to go back to the size you were..and I guess in the end i will have to go and buy a few more pairs of pants and shirts…

Breakfast  vitamins, 2 slice W.W multigrain toast, 1 tsp becel, 2 soft boiled eggs and 1 slice ff w.w toast with a slice of ff black diamond cheddar.. Same every am..and I love it!



Thank heavens these blogs auto save…my battery died (dang hp batteries really do suck) and it shut down without a warning…but auto save saved the day.. ok, so maybe not the day, but the post indeed! hahah


a good day to all..Blessings & peace.



2 Responses to “Almost Friday!”

  1. Buy some clothes! You deserve it!

    Also…I’ve found that feeling good in some spanking new clothes raises self-esteem and helps keep you feeling motivated.

    Go on, get something gorgeous!

  2. Hi patty, I need to indeed! But I hate spending the money….ok, in all truth, I HATE trying on clothes because at this size, nothing fits nice or looks nice…but I still have to do it right?

    Thanks chick!

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