4:30am comes early….why? why not?


 hahaha this morning it did…and that extra hour I can sleep I couldn’t, so I did not waste the time trying, I just got up, made my breakfast and lunch. for the day

breakfast  2 7 eggs, w.w Smart bread toasted and 1 tsp becel. 1/2 oz old cheddar cheese..tea & 2 cups of water…maybe not a breakkie of champions, but I happen to like it. Brian and energy food!

Since we are having a bbq at work today, I grilled up lean hamburger, onion and old cheese, and I will bring that and 2 slice of ww bread again. That way I have something that smells good but isn’t bad. Simple but effective. And apples, dear heavens I am soooooo sick of Gala apples! I guess Saturday I need to go and buy berries or banana’s or something to switch it up!

I lost weight yesterday and when I stepped on my scale at home this am it showed more weight loss! Yay me! I know because I can see it in my belly area.

I always guess my weight before I step in the scale and I am usually pretty close or right on. Anyone else do that? It is weird how accurate I am!!

The lunch lady was at work yesterday with her cookies and salads (wayyyy too much dressing cheese and greens..enough to make a mountain in a supper plat per person) and she was lookng at me..She says, Hey Heather, you always have $, you can buy some tickets from me for a car. I looked at her, Nope, I am not spending much $ anymore, I am on a budget. Now I suppose I could have bought a ticket, but I never ever win those things, and even though it goes to her charity, i figure spending 20+$ a week last year for 4 months with her catering for the chairty was more than enough. Besides, I really like not spending the money on that stuff. I find having bills paid and that worry off my back is so much more gratifying that a ticket for something I will forget to check or do not win. I usually only buy a can of Diet coke or maybe bottled water if I have finished my filtered water already. (you just do not drink our city water..it is literally disgusting!)


Ok, have a good day all and see you later!




Been a hectic but very good day! Whilte I wasn’t able to eat my fruit when I wanted to because I was so busy with the event, I did not eat any of the popcorn, burgers etc, ..I ate the lunch I brought..and then I also sat way away from the “lunch lady” I kept seeing her amazing cookies but I did not eat them..I ate my cucumber…HAHAH

Going for a weigh in tomorrow and looking forwards to good results. Thought I might sneak in today as I was around the at 4:45pm, but the cente was closed…not impressive. Seems not to be open much now….may have to transfer to another on either th eother side of town or the other town…


anyways, all is good! And I can not wait to curl into bed!

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  1. Nice job on sitting away from the lunch lady, and avoiding the temptations of her cookies and her tickets! Congrats on the losses and the belly difference! You’re doing great

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