the hump day

  a prohetic title..”hump” getting over a obstacle..that which would people working with people that would seemingly rather not do what needs to be done for a big event…and me taking the event on by myself trying to merge it together so it is a great work event..I got so mad and frusterated i said it is not all my responsibility and I am only one person..and then I left.  I wish I had co-workers that did not just look at it as a job or a socail event..I just do not understand that.


Enough crap about there..down 1.2lbs from yesterday, 4 for the week and another 3″ too. I am trying to eat some protein, starch, 1/2 dairy and fruit for brekkie, fruit for a snack, same 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 starch, 1/2 dairy, snack 1 cup raw veg, supper 3 veg, 1 protein and 100 cal teat later…2 fats as well sometime during the day.

2 days in like that and it seems to be working, and I am certainly not as hungry in the evening, which seems to be the answer to my habits. I am exhausted however, but that is most likely a mental thing.

ah well, tomorrow is another day..the big event day, come what may..ready or not…and I am ready for a long winters nap curled up in my bed with the pups!! (best heaters in the world!)day

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