Terrific Tuesday!

    Just a quick post before I head out to work. I was watching Verminators as i was getting ready.. OMFG that is disgusting! They showed a person’s apt and I have NO idea how they lived there..but I know why they had roaches. Disgusting!!

   Off to good things, the truck has new jazzy great grip sneakers and yesterday i was down 1.2 lbs! *yay* me! having good days and I know this is YOUR day too Patty! A perfect one!!!


catch y’all later!

2 Responses to “Terrific Tuesday!”

  1. Thanks, Delita! Yes, it looks like it’s going to be a perfect day! Didn’t plan it but it’s going pretty well. All I have to do is make it through another 3 hours or so.

    Congratulations on losing another pound plus! You’re doing great!

    Don’t you love the Blue Man Group? I’ve seen them four times and always enjoyed it.

  2. Oh wow I have over 385 photos from the concert and 2 videos. I will never ever bring a camera to a concert ever! HAHAHA

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