Sunday=Treadmill & dogs..and hunting down the sodium!

    Well happy Sunday everyone! Another grey sky day with snow looming..where exactly has the sun gone? I guess even it needed a holiday! hahaha
    I had my day planned with a trip to see Nan, but the defective tires on the truck are being changed tomorrow, and when I checked them out yesterday I noticed the cracking was more severe than last week, and chances are travelling down a highway at 110km an hour may not be the most prudent thing on them, so I will go Saturday instead. I HATE putting it off, but the tires are not safe and to be quite truthful, every time I have done that run on them I have been on edge. The treads are not what they need to be. So our new Hercules Terra Tracs will be on tomorrow and I will feel much better about going. Then just need to get everything else on the jeep fixed…but you can’t go anywhere without good sneakers on the vehicle!
    So I have been disappointed with my progress..or rather lack of progress. I have been doing herbal magic, and it works well..but this time they have changed my program, 3 proteins and 4 vegetable for 4 and 5. Since they did that I haven’t lost any weight. I am wondering if my body feels it is starving now as I have definitely been very hungry, but my calories for my size and weight loss at this time are where they need to be at 1800 calories.
    Because of this seemingly stall, I am changing things up. Starches WILL be done by noon, and I am going to start keeping an eye on my sodium intake. I do not add salt to anything, but my lips are dry and cracking and painful…even with all of the water intake.  So that says there is some great sale intake somewhere to me! either that or I need to go and see a doctor! I prefer the sodium option!
    Work is well, I was given 2 award acknowledgements by the management team on Saturday, and I must say, the rest of my day was super! Strange as it seems, something that acknowledgement, validation really can make a difference in how you feel about things. I like what I do anyways, but this makes it even better. Not too mention the extra $50 that will be in my pay packet as well as having 3 of these acknowledgements in total. 3 is the magic number!
    Anyways, I am going to take the dogs this afternoon, over to the park so they can run free and be exhausting to each other..and I will spend some more time on the treadmill. Seems a safer bet than walking on icy streets with bad knees!
Might even take some peeks into the HM cook books and find some different recipes as well to jazz things up.
                            off to peek at the sodium levels in the food I have been eating.
blessings & peace to all!
the pups

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  1. Awww…look at those cuties! I love big dogs! We always had german shepherds or Irish setters.

    Get those new tires, girlfriend. The weather isn’t going to get any better for a while. I’m going for a perfect day tomorrow! Wanna join me? On track with food, exercise, and attitude. Just for one day!

  2. oh my! I am SO bad. I read your post but then promptly forgot everything you said when I saw those PUPPIES! Are those the heatwarmers you speak of? I LOVE them. They are so adorable!

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