T G I F *and then some*

    Here we are Friday night..I made it through another week..even if I do get to work tomorrow..1st Saturday in a month so I won’t complain…especially if it will help keep me away from the food! HA! been doing well on the re-direction of food etc…except I am UP almost a pound…and I am not entirely sure why! Ok, maybe because I weighed in after work vs am, but still, I have not cheated at all. Hopefully I will have a showing of good weight drop soon again. I think one of the reasons might be stress. I need to find a better way to handle work stress than I have been.

     While I am up in weight, I had measurements done Wednesday and I have shrunk by 7 1/2″ in total. THAT made me very HAPPY! I really notice it in my belly area too. Small blessings indeed.

     No news on Nan’s health. I think I need to go and see her Sunday as long as the highways are nice. I keep worrying what she is going through, but then at 93, giving up on living may be the easier thing for Her. Dementia is such a cruel torture, especially when people have been so independant in their lives…fought in wars, had children etc. When they can not remember the ones they love, the ones that love them…and they think they have been forgotten. I guess any moment they can recognize you is special and  gift from God. *sigh* My Nanna-Banana is such a wonderfukl, special lady and my heart is breaking already. i thought growing up was supposed to bring good things…not heart-ache or I think i would have stayed a child.. wishful thinking.Nan

Anyways, today was ok, and tomorrow will be better..and I WILL get back home to see Nan Sunday….and thank GOD for those precious moments…even if She doesn’t recognize me.

Blessings and peace my friends…thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings of re-direction.

ps…why are dreams so weird? I researched some this evening..last night I dreamt I was talking to people and my teeth were falling out…and then I had to pull pieces of them out (no one noticed in my dream),but they did not look like teeth..round with round layers inside..like looking at a bee hive that would be cut in half..but all white. BIZARRE! I hate those kind of dreams.


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