did you hear that??? psst pssst psssst he said psst OH MY! rumours abound!

        Well things went well today! I have shrunk by 7 1/2″!!! That made me smile. Down .4lbs and that was good too, but the inches really made a difference for me! YAY ME! I also had a good day food wise and was able to take some of the pasta of my plate and let Jessie have it..Although my little butterball dog certainly didn’t need it, she certainly did like it!
           I went into work today even though it was my day off and had a good talk with assistant manager about dis-respecting us. He heard I was quitting..That I was Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I asked who told him that and of course he would not say, but he asked if I had been angry with something he did (he emptied our drawers at work and had everything dumped into baskets behind our desk. Why on earth did he feel the need to go through our drawers??? )I was not overly pleased..but I digress) we discussed it..He asked if I had been angry in the lunchroom and asked for a specific part of the newspaper..(this is getting really stupid at this point) I said sure, I asked for the Job section..I always read the job section, and then I asked for the obituaries…I always read them too…so what does that mean?? Anyways, we got to the heart, had a good talk and things have been worked on BOTH sides..that made a day even better getting that cleared up. I guess that old adage is true..if you haven’t heard a rumor by 10am, start one…and boys do some people start them!
      Anyways, tomorrow is another day, another good day I hope so I am going to tidy up and then head out to bed..so g’night all..I hope your day was as good as mine, if not better! Oh an I think I need to get some recipes/information on roasting veggies..it sounded so tasty!

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  1. He emptied your desk drawer and put the stuff in a basket????????


  2. who exactly knows why a man does what they do except to say ‘stoppid’. We had a big talk about it and he apologized but that being said I still do not think he realizes how wrong it was. But that was another day…and it is gone! Thanks for replying Patty, hope things are well!

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