Tuesday Tuesday..So good to me (ba-da ba-da-da-da)

     Hahaha so goes the song…Monday Monday. but still, while Monday’s weigh in disappointed me, Tuesday was better. I am not sure why I was up on Monday, but that is how the weighing in every day goes. Some days you may be up and some down. Today I am down! 1 full week into the re-distribution…doing a-ok. I am off tomorrow so I am going to get weighed in teh am and see how much of a difference that makes vs. the usual after work thing now. I imagine that would be where I picked up a pound or 2. *drop that..stop picking it up too! hahaha* Would you believe I am waiting for a knock on the door to tell the roommate his pizza is here? *ack* the things I do for the guys in my world. Now the b/f, he also had pizza for supper. I was short on a protein and 4 cups of veg…so I steamed a bunch of veggies up (I love those things steamed..it sure beats how Mum (bless her soul) would boil the crap and every danged nutrient out of them until even the peas would flop over. HA) I am still hooked on baby carrots and string beans.. kind of sick of cauliflower & broccoli..although chasing Stacy around the kitchen with one on a fork was quite amusing..See, he has an aversion to anything remotely colorful or healthy…*snicker*  I have been drinking 8 cups or more of water yet my lips are about as dry as they come…I am not really sure why..need to get some chapstick or something highly effective like that. A friend brought some pecan lip stuff for me back from Georgia with her. I put it on without really paying attention to it, then it hit me….this is what pecan pooh would smell like if pecan’s actually poohed!!! It was DISGUSTING! So needless to say that did not help the lip issue..some friend..trying to poison me with pecan excrement!

    I keep hoping someone, anyone, heck, even the freaking mailman will notice I have lost some weight. I guess when you have allot to lose, it takes allot of loss to notice it. I keep looking at my daily mugshots hoping I will notice my cheekbones again, or maybe my eyes will be bigger again. Not yet…but I keep checking and I have HOPE! I have however noticed my face skin looks nicer…I bought Oil of Olay Regenerist (ok so I bought into the commercial) and I have to admit, awesome! No more dry skin or as much saggy bits around the eyes.. I will buy more when the time comes..best part, it doesn’t bother my eyes. If you have not tried it, you should.


Anyways, off I go to read some blogs..310, patty you are on my lost and I always appreciate your comments…it gives me comfort to know there are others out there that are ‘doin’ it too!”



thought of the day
Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.
Martin Luther

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tuesday..So good to me (ba-da ba-da-da-da)”

  1. I LOVE Olay Regenerist and have actually had people tell me my skin looks good and ask what I use. You’re right, that stuff rocks! I cheated last time at Walmart and bought their version of it. Saved a couple of bucks but it made me break out. No substitute for the good stuff.

    Pecan Poop…never thought about that (hee, hee)!

  2. I havent tried the Regenerist but I will now. I’ve been using Neutrogena Healthy Defense (light tint) but if makes my eyes burn if I get too close.

    You ate veggies while the BF ate pizza? WOW! You’re a better person than I am lol


  3. I totally agree w you on the daily weighing and attitude. If you choose to weigh daily you can’t freak out about the ups and downs. I don’t know how you do it in the afternoons, however – I weigh first thing in the morning ONLY. Less fluctuation from water, food, life…

    Steamed veggies are good, and boiled are horrid. Have you tried roasting? I’m a recent convert – almost every veggie tastes better roasted, it’s amazing. It’s easy too.

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