Leave some on the plate…

            I read that on the “rounds” food blog. I thought sure, easy to say, hard to do..Then I proceeded to  warm up one of the meals I prepared yesterday for the next few days..As I was eating it, closing my eyes to enjoy all the flavors, to not inhale the meal so to speak, I kept thinking, leave some on the plate..leave some on the plate…Then I called the dogs…they were more than eager to eat everything (minus the onions of course!) that I had decided to “leave on the plate”.

Small wins…but a win none the less!

       Back to work, tomorrow, I have already figured out my plans for eating so I don’t just say forget it and spend more $$ on the catering lady’s things tomorrow. I wonder how she will feel when she realizes one of her best customers in the store is no longer her customer? *grin* But that $$ will actually make a huge dent every week on my groceries etc. No Tim Horton’s, no lunch lady…and no vending machines..BIG HUGE SAVINGS!!!!

    Aiming now for a around 1500 calories…then I will see how I do that way. But at that statement, it will not be all fat either. I am seeing how much of my program is fat on fitday and watching it accordingly.. a tweak here and there..but this is more than I was doing last year!

     The knees are feeling better, the shark is helping greatly, limited but helping. I think that helps with the moving too. I am currently watching RoadHouse for the trillionth time ( I am such an 80’s movie fan) but after that I HAVE to get to tidying up the place. Get my laundry done for the upcoming week as well as dishes, steaming the floors etc. Basically put the place back together that it has relaxed too. The other half never really helps with this so it falls to me..and I haven’t been catching it like I should have been. *oops* but maybe that was what this holiday was all about, I was getting burned out at work..and probably home with the responsibilities..so, well all in all, I feel pretty well relaxed, and maybe remotely ready to go back to work. Hahaha, last year I was ready to go back after the 1st week, this week not so much! But that being said, it has given me a good base for the new “re-direction” I am working on. Never anymore resolutions..the word is too rigid and has the mind set of I CAN’T DO THIS screaming at me as soon as I say it! So, re-direction…..Yep, I like that….lot’s of re-directions going on!


Ha-ha Anyway, nothing too deep, just mental ramblings on a Sunday.


God Bless & ..leave some on the plate!

2 Responses to “Leave some on the plate…”

  1. Cute way to ‘leave it on the plate’ If you’re worried about not being able to leave it on the plate you can call them over ahead of time! I often end up sharing my food with one or more of the kids, the dog would love to help! Keep up the good work

  2. Yeah, I’m not much on rigid resolutions. More like, I’ll focus on this or I’ll spend more time on that but I don’t like to set things in stone because I feel like a failure when I get busy and don’t have time to do something I said I would do. AND, you know who’s list is shuffled to the end of the day…after everything else we have to do.


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