Day 5 & feeling ‘F I N E”!!!!

   Yes indeed, day 5 of my taking my head out of the sand and I am feeling FINE! I have been using a few net places to help keep online.. FIT DAY to track what I eat as well as what I write in my HM journal. I have been keeping under 2000 calories..Eventually it will be less, but without starving the body, this is what I should have…around 1700 or so. Also Mugshots..everyday I take a new headshot and review them. I think tomorrow am I will take some body shots for me so I can see how things are rounding (or not) out..and NO those don’t go on mugshots! hahahah  Today’s weigh-in..GREAT! Since Dec 30/8 I am now down 6.8lbs!! Yay me,!

Even with the travelling out of town I did ( and no cheating) but I ate very late at night worked out well..although sleep wise it sucked. Ha-ha

Well, working on the life I want to have….and feeling good. I know, tiny baby steps…but still. I feel AWESOME!







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  1. You may feel awesome but you also SOUND awesome! Almost 7 pounds? That’s fantastic! What a way to start the new year!

  2. Glad to see you’re on track and doing great!

  3. very nice loss! As for the pic everyday, there seem to be alot of people who do that. You can find things like that at

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