last night I cheated…oh dear me..*grin* Everyone needs a little break. Things are good though!  I ate breaded mushrooms baked in the oven… not as good as deep fried, but I wasn;t about to go whole hog off the program. Hahaha. This morning I got back up, have my vitamins , eggs and toast…back to the world […]

I’m melting!

    Ok, so perhaps not exactly melting, but I AM getting smaller! As of Wed’s w.I I am now 18″ smaller than I was on Dec 30/08 ! As well as almost 14lbs lighter by their scale! My scale says slightly over 15lbs gone, but hey I am not going to split hairs on this. I […]

a cold day with no end in sight

         It has been a cold day here..and it is only 9:43am! I just finished an Asian pear (I love those things..kind of a mixture of a pear but with a juicy apple feel) They are not the cheapest fruit right now, but I think they are by far the best ones going. I […]

Almost Friday!

 HA! Caught you wondering whar was this person going on about! It is Tuesday, once again up early, clothes in the dryer (I really need to buy more clothes, I just hate the idea of spending good money on clothes when you won’t (a goal) be able to wear them for more than a month […]

I watched a great commercial this morning

Has not hot Canada yet.. if that doesn’t make you laugh and smile. People who weren’t “in” it were doing their own thing by the end, young and old. how could you not like it??? Life is for sharing..and living…so today how are you going to live and share it?

4:30am comes early….why? why not?

   hahaha this morning it did…and that extra hour I can sleep I couldn’t, so I did not waste the time trying, I just got up, made my breakfast and lunch. for the day breakfast  2 7 eggs, w.w Smart bread toasted and 1 tsp becel. 1/2 oz old cheddar cheese..tea & 2 cups of […]

the hump day

  a prohetic title..”hump” getting over a obstacle..that which would people working with people that would seemingly rather not do what needs to be done for a big event…and me taking the event on by myself trying to merge it together so it is a great work event..I got so mad and frusterated i […]

Terrific Tuesday!

    Just a quick post before I head out to work. I was watching Verminators as i was getting ready.. OMFG that is disgusting! They showed a person’s apt and I have NO idea how they lived there..but I know why they had roaches. Disgusting!!    Off to good things, the truck has new jazzy […]

Sunday=Treadmill & dogs..and hunting down the sodium!

      Well happy Sunday everyone! Another grey sky day with snow looming..where exactly has the sun gone? I guess even it needed a holiday! hahaha     I had my day planned with a trip to see Nan, but the defective tires on the truck are being changed tomorrow, and when I checked them out […]

T G I F *and then some*

    Here we are Friday night..I made it through another week..even if I do get to work tomorrow..1st Saturday in a month so I won’t complain…especially if it will help keep me away from the food! HA! been doing well on the re-direction of food etc…except I am UP almost a pound…and I am not […]