Tuesday the 23rd…& those eggs..

6:30am   those eggs tasted rather icky this am…reminder to self..Self..don;t buy that cup of egg again from NS..the tvp tasted icky.   On the good note..started the day off well…off to work I go!! With yogurt, grapes, a roll & NS lunch!

Chiropractor, another name for sadist

Hahah, I jest.      While I sleep with this heating pad tonight knowing I will be sore, but my rib more or less back in place, I prepare mentally for tomorrow.      I have no idea why i did not eat any ns today. I did not even get the brekkie in! I think before […]

day of naps…and missing energy

Why is it on a day off you can not sleep in..yet on a work day you could? I think that is the 8th wonder of the world…maybe I should submit it.. Got up at6am…..went out for brekkie with ex at Cora’s. had a lovely crepe omlette with fresh fruit and a fresh fruit cocktail. […]

Tuesday..and we are here

5:54am..starting off ok. Had a good shower, have my music on and have my NS oatmeal in the microwave. Nice glass of fridgid water and I am ready to go…minus the fact I have a towel on my head and I am not dressed in work clothes yet…other than that, ready to go…Hahaha Today is […]

mandatory Monday

Another day..did ok on the diet until this evening. I can’t believe how danged hungry I was! but tomorrow is another day…


11:53am Since I did not get most of yesterdays errands done, I am stucktrying to get them done as well as clean the house today..never put off today what you can put off tomorrow…or something like that! *smirk* I have noticed I am spending allot lately. Online mostly. Parusing for neat house things. I think […]

Saturday..the weekend has officially begun

I This is how I want to spend my day sans lovely frog hat. Not feeling the energy surging through me like steady current, but having a herbelife energy tea and that usually gets the movement in me. 8:25am  haven’t had brekkie yet, although for some reason I made the ex a NS brekkie of […]

& he is back. jes came to me, and then went to the kitchen..I realized what she was trying to say and I checked..opened the old wooden door and there he was…head hanging down in supplication because he knew he was an ass. But he IS back, and I am happy, so the 3 of […]

You do not spell Friday “s” “u” “c” “k” “s”

*ugh8 what a frigging day! and it is still going on because jake the damned stupid dog deceided to run away again! 2nd time in 2 weeks. I searched until my knees said no more and the ex had to take the truck to go to work so he couldnt search much..He *needed* to go […]

Wednesday. Why do they call it the hump day?

:27am   *groan* I am exhausted this morning. I watched that new show “Fringe” till 10 :30pm, and then couldn’t fall asleep. Why I do things to myself I do not know. I know I shouldn’t watch anything sci fi that late. I am such a wiener…a tired wiener, but none the less, a wiener.         […]