Why I Am Fabulous!

The Why I Am Fabulous Exercise!

I read on 3FC that someone wrote a list of why they are fabulous, and THAT is what helped them stay positive on those bad days. It resonated with me because I can be entirely too negative. Also, in trying to discover my identity all over again, it helps to write down things that are true, that I love about myself.

I have a degree in Fine Art.

(I Mean, how cool is that?)

I have sold multiple paintings.

(And not only to friends, but to strangers who have never met me.)

I can make a mean latte 🙂

I know how to use tools.

I am not afraid of color.

I can cook fancy and delicious.

(Not just your typical “mac n cheese in a box” kinda meal)

My hands are gorgeous.

I taught myself how to play guitar.

I can take an amazing photograph.

(And sell them too!)

I have been to 23 countries!

I know how to swim, ride a bike, ride a horse and ski.

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