Diet and Exercise Plan

Currently My diet is more of an eating healthy plan.

I eat a protein heavy, low carb diet. For example, all my snacks are protein based. I love fruit. the more the merrier! I can’t get enough of it. And of course water water water water.

My best bit of advice when it comes to dieting is finding what works for you. Not everyone working out 30 minutes a day at 1500 calorie intake will lose weight. That might be too little or too many calories for you. Personally I have to eat at least 65 carbs a day to lose weight or my body goes into starvation mode and I stall and don’t lose weight. I am one of those people that has a hard time remembering to eat. Normally I wouldn’t eat all day and then I would eat a late large dinner. So my biggest obstacle is eating more frequently. So every morning during breakfast, I set multiple alarms on my phone, so that I remember that I need to eat a snack at 10:30, etc. And so far, it helps.

I have major social anxiety which causes me to be a tad agoraphobic. So on those days I don’t have the strength to venture outside for a hike, walk, or beach hike, I use my elliptical at home.

When I started and was very out of shape, I did what I could on the elliptical. Eventually I got up to 30 minutes twice a day. But my body wouldn’t have it. It was very physically draining. So personally, I discovered i had more energy to do other things I needed to get done with a 30 minute once a day workout.

After a while though, It became more and more painful to do elliptical workouts. It is sooo monotonous and boring. It’s hard to get psyched up to jump on the elliptical for any length of time.

Soooo, to spice things up 🙂 I have purchased a hyperflex stand and hyperflex boxing gloves and a set of kettle bells. Now, on an ideal day, I do 20 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, followed by circuit training for 30 minutes of boxing, squats, hand weights, planks and kettle bells. I love love love boxing. It helps me focus and at the same time it’s not boring! I have never felt more powerful. Instead of feel like the elliptical is kicking my butt, I feel like I beat the s*** out of the boxing bag. It’s awesome. The only downside was I was incredibly sore and retained weight for a week by changing up my exercise routine…but totally worth it!

Of course I have days where I skip the elliptical and do the circuit training or visa versa. My boyfriend is really into the Bosu ball and I am sure that eventually I will get into a routine with that. Just listen to your body and have fun with it. Try not to look at it like a chore. The more positive associations the better. That’s why I like having options. then I can decide WHAT I WANT TO DO versus what I HAVE TO DO…

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