Pluggin’ along

So now it’s March 3.  That makes, hmm, a few days since I started counting.  I’m not sure where I am overall with the calorie balance thing, but I’m feeling ok with the cardio-health progress.  I did my running program on Wednesday evening (1 minute+ running, 1 minute, or a bit more, walking, 8 time).  I do think that the running is getting easier Today (Saturday) I went out again and did 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) running and 1 minute walking, and made it through all 8 intervals.  Because I’ve been doing this after dark, I stay around our block on the sidewalk. To make it really count, I run uphill, and walk downhill (our street, and the whole neighborhood, is up and down).

On Thursday, V-girl and I did a 5 (or maybe 6, depending on whose numbers you trust) mile loop hike at Kennesaw Battlefield park.  Since the first 1.5 miles is up Kennesaw Mountain, then down a bit, then up Little Kennesaw Mountain, I totally counted this in my fitness log.  My exercise log counted this as 800+ calories burned, completely wiping out the huge bowl of Spicy Thai Basil noodles I had for lunch and snack.  I’m not sure I trust this, as it put me at something like 700 calories under for the day.  But oh, was I tired and sore.

Course I’ve used up any grace points I might have banked, since on Friday I was right at my allotted calories (around 1450/day) BEFORE the pinot grigio (which was pretty darn good) and the few midnite bites of Butterfinger ice cream.  Today was a fairly inactive day, except I did get the running program in.  Managed 90-second running intervals (mostly uphill) with 60 second walking rests, for all 8 intervals.  I’ll stick with this for the next couple of outings.   I hate running, but this is proving more effective than anything else.  Its a lot easier to step out the door and get going, than it is to find time to drive to a gym, get on a machine, then drive home.  Tonight’s run (20 mins. plus 10 mins stretching after) was fit in while the pizza dough was rising, and I was never more than a block or so from home.

I’m using the Lose It app on my iPad to keep track of food and exercise.  My mom’s GP recommended it, and I find it easy enough, plus I can use it without being online, which is a plus for me.  Today’s calorie/expenditure balance is probably iffy (haven’t put it in yet) but I’m proud that at least I did my exercise.

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