Lose 2lbs every week

Up my workouts to 30 minutes within the next 3 months

No Fast Food for a month (Mcky D’s, BK, Wendy’s) –

Stick with this for a month – 11/07/12

No Binges for a month

Lose 5lbs (210lbs) – 10/16/12

Lose 10lbs (205lbs) – 12/22/12

Be Under severe obesity (204lbs)

Get out of 200’s

Lose 25lbs (190lbs)

Break 190lbs

Break the lowest weight I’ve gotten to since reaching the 200’s (187.5)

Break 180lbs

Weigh less than my dad (178lbs)

Weigh less than my brother (170lbs)

Lose 50lbs (165lbs)

Be under obese (153lbs)

Weigh 150lbs

Lose 75lbs (140lbs)

Weigh the average (130lbs)

Not be overweight (127lbs)

Goal (115lbs)

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