Diabetes And Alcohol Dangers – Tips For Safe Consumption

Alcohol is all around us, from a beer at the neighbor’s backyard barbecue to fine wines in fancy restaurants. For most people, having an occasional drink isn’t a big deal, but for a diabetic, it’s quite a different story. Here are a few tips for diabetes alcohol consumption.

Moderation is Key

An occasional drink isn’t going to kill you, and in fact, studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption actually decreases a diabetic’s risk for coronary artery disease. The key word there is “moderate”. Light or moderate drinking is considered 15-30 grams of alcohol, which means different amounts of every drink. Light beers or low-calorie drinks are a much better choice than the calorie-laden alternative, so when you have to choose, choose wisely and know your limit.

Know Your Body

If you are experiencing any complications with your diabetes, or your blood sugar has not been well-managed, drinking any alcohol is discouraged and could add to already existing problems. According to the American Diabetes Association, people with severe nerve damage, known as diabetic neuropathy, should avoid drinking alcohol completely. A diabetic is very receptive to changes in their bodies, and for the most part, know when to stop; if you feel like you shouldn’t take a drink, you probably shouldn’t.

Keep Good Company

Sometimes temptation can be too much, and that’s when you need to surround yourself with something else. Instead of beer at a party, suggest water, lemonade, and diet soda. If you can’t resist that cocktail at a club, have a friend hit the bar to buy you a club soda. Your friends and family can be a great support system, so take advantage of it at the times you feel weak. With diabetes, a strong foundation is a great start to a steady future.


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