Develop A Fat Burning Workout In 5 Steps

Developing a fat burning workout is essential to a long-term weight loss and health maintenance plan.  Follow these easy steps to get your personal plan started right away.

Step 1 – Eliminate One a Day

To get started, eliminate one unhealthy food a day for a week.  If you are accustomed to eating sugary cereal every morning (or a donut), or if your habit is to stop and get fast food for lunch, stop!  By cutting out one unhealthy food choice each day, you leave room for a healthy replacement.

Step 2 – Have a Replacement Plan

As you learn to cut out the unhealthy food choices, make a list of healthy replacements and use them (preferably catabolic fruits and vegetables).  Visit your local farmer’s market or natural foods store for ideas. 

Using this replacement plan will complement the physical element of your fat burning workout.

Step 3 – Wake up Early

For the first week, wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual, and use this time to exercise.  Start with 5 minutes of strength training work, and follow with 10 minutes of cardio (even walking fast). 

Step 4 – Add Protein and Fiber to Your Diet

Lean protein and increased fiber have been shown to aid the fat burning process.  This will enhance your workouts. Eat legumes, leafy greens, salmon, and egg whites.  There are literally hundreds of choices and recipes you can easily incorporate into your diet. 

Step 5 – Incorporate Interval Training

Once you have made the appropriate diet changes, start to increase your workouts to include interval training workouts.  This is simply a matter of using a method similar to the P90X system.

If you have been doing the same routine, it’s time to change it up.  Alternate cardio programs, incorporate regular strength training, and even try out hydraulic circuit training.


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