Detox Yourself With a Body Cleansing Diet

A simple body cleansing diet can be a great way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your body and your soul. With most internal cleanses focused on drinking only fruit juices for a specified period of time, you can effectively clear everything out of your system and start fresh to feel better than ever.

Why Detoxify?

You may decide to detoxify to increase your low energy levels, or because you are congested from too much eating of the wrong kinds of foods. A cleanse can help bring back your energy while minimizing the workload on your digestive organs. By drinking fruit juices, you are supplying your body with enough energy to carry out your everyday activities.

Vegetables, fruits and their juices are great for a cleanse because they are easy to digest and naturally rich in water. Staying hydrated is a necessary requirement for any full body cleanse.

Before You Begin Your Detox Diet

Before beginning a cleanse diet, it is a good idea to taper off your consumption of coffee, alcohol, salt, sugar and animal products so that the diet is not such a shock to your system (and you do not experience strong withdrawal symptoms). Additionally, these things all put considerable strain on your digestive system. Instead, you should eat legumes, grains, nuts and seeds as much as possible until you begin your fast.

Make sure you are fully stocked with vegetables and fruits so that you do not have to make any trips to the grocery store, where you may be tempted to break your diet.

Selecting a Cleansing Diet

There are many kinds of cleanse diets to choose from that range from eating vegetables to solely fruit juices. Some of the popular cleanses include:

  • Master Cleanse: This cleanse involves drinking only a lemonade made of from fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper throughout the period of the cleanse, which can last from a minimum of 10 days up to 45 days.
  • Raw Detox: This cleansing diet consists of eating only raw foods for a specified period of time to cleanse the body. In addition to just raw foods, many herbs are recommended to enable the cleansing process (as well as a daily drink made of lemon, ginger and water).

Research the many kinds of detox diets out there, select a timeframe to carry out your diet and get to detoxifying your body to feel great.


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