Dean Ornish Plan

Dr. Dean Ornish has been promoting his diet for many years. His primary goal was to help reduce heart disease, and weight loss seemed to be a perk to his plan. The Ornish program promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, includes 10% fat, recommends stress management and exercise as part of this lifestyle change.

The diet can prevent heart disease, and has been proven to reverse heart disease in those that already have it. Unlike many other low fat diet programs, the Ornish plan is backed by extensive clinical research. Despite the strong selling points, this plan can be hard to follow because the change is drastic for many people. However, Ornish has published several books that contain tips and recipes to make the plan a little easier, and he maintains a detailed website found at WebMD.

If you decide to follow the Ornish plan, it is recommended that you purchase the books. You can also follow the basic guidelines outlined on his website. However, you will never have to subscribe to a service or pay enrollment fees to follow the plan. Food and supplement selections are chosen for their ability to protect against heart disease.


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