Dangers of the Lemon Detox Diet

It seems that every week there is a new and seemingly amazing diet that will help you to shed those pounds in record time, and the lemon detox diet is one of them. But, before you rush to the store to fill your baskets full of lemons, you must first find out the facts regarding this diet.

What Is the Lemon Detox Diet?

The lemon detox diet has its basis in the theory that our bodies are full of toxins that decrease our quality of life, give us bad complexions and hinder the removal of excess fat. The lemon detox diet, as its name suggests, points towards the natural qualities found in lemons to help free ourselves from these toxins. The theory says that the properties of lemons cause our liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins, which allows the liver in particular, to break down fat.

The diet consists of fresh lemon juice, or a slice of lemon, in a glass of hot water in the morning. Of course, it has gained popularity not just because of its detox qualities, but also its potential for weight loss. The more popular form of the lemon detox diet consists of a ‘detox drink’, which contains a slice of lemon, or fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper or ginger and maple syrup. This is to be taken as many times in the day as possible and is often touted as a meal replacement drink.

Does It Work?

Whilst the theory behind the detoxification element of the lemon detox diet is sound, there is serious doubt as to its weight loss capabilities, in comparison to the possible side effects. Cleansing our bodies is never a bad thing, however, you must take proper precaution when implementing this diet.

What Are the Dangers?

If you were to follow the lemon detox diet mainly for its weight loss qualities, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Lost of important nutrients and vitamin deficiencies – whilst lemons do provide vitamin C, we need far more vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Loss of energy and sickness – lack of vitamins and nutrients will contribute to body fatigue and also weaken the immune system
  • Saggy skin – due to the rapidness of weight loss, your skin can lose elasticity and may require exercising or medical enhancement to fix this problem
  • Starvation – using the ‘detox drink’ as a meal replacement and therefore reducing your caloric intake to dangerously low numbers can induce unhealthy conditions for your body
  • Muscle loss – often instead of losing fat, we actually lose muscle tissue due to the lack of protein and carbohydrates that this diet doesn’t contain
  • Liquid bowel movements – this type of diet can upset our body’s balance, and cause some unpleasant consequences such as anal leakage
  • Post-diet weight gain – this type of ‘crash diet’ will inevitably lead to weight gain once you return to a normal diet

A safer approach to losing weight would be to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, and drink water with lemon to reap the health benefits of lemon. If you must try the lemon detox diet, only follow this regimen for a few days.


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