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Fat Burning Belly DanceI wasn’t prepared for the workout that Kili Marti delivered in her belly dance episode of the Dance Off The Inches series. I tried a belly dancing video in the past, and I never seemed to get past the shimmy stage. I am not a born shimmier. I’m actually not a born anything when it comes to dancing. I don’t really have any coordination and little grace to speak of, unless you count that I tend to walk on my toes – quite stealth like, I might add. However, that isn’t much help in a cardio dance video!

Due to these unborn dance skills, I am used to failing miserably at dance videos, and usually the biggest problem I have with the video is that I am not coordinated enough to keep up with the steps. Therefore my workout consists of stepping side to side, left foot to right foot. Imagine my glee to find out that the first step in this video was not a shimmy, but stepping side to side! That is the first of 10 basic moves in the workout. The moves did get progressively more difficult, but I made it through most of them.

The warm up was fun – sidesteps with hip wiggles, and pretty open arm movements. In just a couple of minutes, I was doing a simple yet beautiful belly dance move. Nice! I think we normally feel good about ourselves toward the end of a workout, because we’ve done a great job and we feel strong. This video gets us to stretch our muscles out in a graceful and artistic way, and the strong and pretty vibes hit in the beginning instead of the end. I think that is a refreshing way to start a workout. The choreography, coupled with the atmosphere of women that are genuinely enjoying the dance moves, lends an exuberance that lasts until the end. Depending on your athletic ability, your ending time may vary.

The first workout is called Belly Moves Groove. I have to admit, watching 5 soft, yet ripped bellies on the screen look much nicer than seeing myself in a mirror, so a tshirt will do me just fine for now. The first part of the workout is simple steps, and then I put them together and I am ALMOST belly dancing. With a little practice, I won’t feel the need to draw the shades and lock my husband and son out of the room. If you are sedentary, this is probably as far as you will get on your first try. But not a problem – the moves are fun, and you won’t get easily bored working up to a full workout.

The Cleo Cardio Combo is more active, and it includes a full body shimmy. Lots of them. I’m not sure I’ll ever master that total shimmy, but I hope to. More confidence and grace will probably loosen me up enough that I can let it all go and shimmy like a Belly Dance Superstar. This is a very fun stage.

Last up is the Hip Roll Hindi Combo. There are a lot of arm raises in this one. So much that I imagined cartoon anvils on my biceps. I’m going to feel this tomorrow, but in a good way! The lower body gets a good workout as well. This stage consists of a lot of hop-taps that are enough to feel, but not high impact enough that you will disturb anybody in a nearby room. This stage proves that yes, you can really get a fat burning belly dance workout without being a trained belly dancer. Pros probably won’t enjoy the repetition as much as they would more freestyle dancing, but for the average chick, this is a super way to learn belly dance moves and whittle the extra belly at the same time.

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