Dance Fitness Classes: 12 Reasons To Sign Up

Whether you are interested in Zumba, Jazzercise or Island Rhythms, there are many reasons to consider joining dance fitness classes to improve your health. Dance classes are a serious workout and are a fun break from traditional fitness routines. Check out all these reasons why you should sign up for a dance class today:

Reason #1: Dancing is an Excellent Calorie Burner

30 minutes of sustained dancing burns 300 to 400 calories, which is about the same, or more, than higher impact sports like running (that burns 300 calories per 30 minutes).

Reason #2: Dancing Promotes Coordination

Dancing, in addition to other training, is great to sharpen overall body control, agility, speed, and balance.

Reason #3: Dancing Promotes Cardiovascular Conditioning

This fun activity is as great for your heart as it is for your figure.

Reason #4: Dancing Makes You Look Great

Dancing contributes to good posture and body alignment, so you look your best.

Reason #5: Dancing Prevents Loss of Bone Mass

Dancing strengthens your weight bearing bones during its side-to-side movement, helping to prevent loss of bone mass. Joint mobility also benefits from the varied movements in dancing.

Reason #6: Dancing Increases Your Lung Capacity

Dancing is great for your lungs, as it supplies them more oxygen, which helps them to function better both in other physical activities and in daily life.

Reason #7: Dancing is Great for Your Blood Vessels

The cardiovascular workout helps to increase the diameter and count of the smaller blood vessels. It also helps in improving blood fats, helping to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke.

Reason #8: Dancing Helps Combat Diabetes

Dancing also helps reduce the level of sugar in blood, which works to help prevent diabetes.

Reason #9: Dancing Tones Your Body

Along with all the other benefits, dancing helps you lose weight and look great. It can boost your energy levels and reduce tension that is associated with anxiety. It has also been shown to help increase stamina, which in turn helps to reduce fatigue.  

Reason #10: Dancing is Mentally Stimulating

Focusing on coordination and learning movement patterns, dancing requires you to be mentally engaged with physical movement, creating a constant mind-body connection.

Reason #11: Dancing Makes You Feel Good

Dancing can invoke great emotional responses that don’t occur in a common gym workout. It has been shown that regular dance improves both body image and quality of life.

Reason #12: Dancing Gives You an Appreciation for the Arts

Because you to different rhythms, it makes you more aware of music and art intertwined into your life.

Whether you want to join a dance class or socially dance, there is much research supporting the health benefits of dancing. It can be a great workout and boost your self-image. Check out the options available at your local gym or community center, strap on your dancing shoes, and get to burning calories today.



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