Cure DOMS with Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise can help you combat the stiffness and soreness that come with DOMS. DOMS stands for “delayed onset muscle soreness.” It is a scary sounding acronym for a pretty common occurrence, and all it really means is feeling sore and stiff a day or two after a hardcore workout. As common as it may be, DOMS can still be pretty unpleasant.

Sleep and DOMS

It used to be thought that your muscles got sore after exercise because of all the lactic acid building up in your tissues. Experts believed your muscles hurt because they have been strained and torn during exercise. That’s okay; tearing and strain are supposed to happen when you’re building muscles. They grow back larger and stronger. This is why sleep is so important to help combat DOMS. Muscles can’t grow back and heal unless they are allowed to rest. The more sleep you allow yourself after a strenuous work out, the more time your muscles have to heal. Sleep may not totally prevent DOMS, but it should lessen the painful effects a little.

Exercise and DOMS

DOMS only occurs when muscles are torn. If you’re a bodybuilder, you will always be tearing those muscles and experiencing soreness. However, if your fitness goals are to have strong, healthy muscles, you will not have to continuously strain yourself to the point of muscle tearing. Regular exercise will keep your muscles strong. Your muscles will stay at a steady, well developed level. Eventually, your exercise routine will no longer hurt you, but will burn calories and result in a healthy body. Steady moderate exercise is a great way to prevent severe DOMS.

Don’t worry if you’re sore after a workout. That is a natural part of challenging your muscles to a new level. There are no specific cures for DOMS. But, regular exercise and plenty of sleep will help you condition your body. Your muscles will tear less and heal faster. Make sleep and exercise an important part of your health regime.


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