Creating A Fitness Workout Chart: 4 Easy Steps

Creating a fitness workout chart is one of the first steps you can make to get the body that you want. By designing a schedule for yourself and sticking to it, you can plan your workout better and organize your time more efficiently. This way you can fit a workout in every day. Stay motivated, and follow a schedule by creating a chart in four easy steps:

Step #1

Purchase a traditional calendar or a pre-made fitness planner that is specifically designed to organize your exercise schedule. A fitness calendar is especially helpful if you want to track your nutrition, weight, and inches lost, along with your fitness routine.

Step #2 

Determine how many days you will work out, and label them on your calendar. Include your workout plan for each day, outlining whether you will be doing cardiovascular exercise or strength training. Vary your workouts to target different body parts each day, and schedule rest for different muscle groups in between. Commit yourself to following through on this plan.

Step #3 

Block off the sections of the day that you plan to exercise, depending on your preference for working out in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Step #4

Create a monthly goal, and make a note of it at the end of each month. Include a weight loss chart with your fitness calendar if your goal is to lose weight. Watching tangible progress weekly is motivating, and it will help you reach your goal. A fitness calendar will generally include this, but you can create your own if you are using a regular calendar.



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