Craving Something Sweet? 6 Healthy Desserts

Healthy desserts can satisfy your sweet tooth even when you’re dieting. Not all desserts are bad for you. Here’s a list of healthy desserts that will scratch your itch for something sweet.

1) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a sweet with known health benefits. It contains antioxidants, in the form of flavonoids, which are also found in a number of other vegetables and fruits. These antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals from your body to slow the process of aging. They also support your immune response and may prevent cancer.

Dark chocolate is also good for your heart. It prevents arterial plaque and blood clots. Dark chocolate can also help prevent high blood pressure. It’s a mild stimulant that can help increase levels of serotonin in your brain, and relieve a depressed mood.

Of course, like any other sweet, dark chocolate shouldn’t be eaten to excess. Eat no more than 100 grams of dark chocolate for a healthy dessert. Avoid eating your dark chocolate with milk, as this can stifle the antioxidant effects of dark chocolate.

2) Chocolate and Bananas

You can make an easy, delicious and healthy chocolate banana dessert with just bananas, chocolate syrup and nonfat vanilla yogurt or low fat whipped topping. Simply slice the bananas and drizzle about one teaspoon of chocolate syrup over each sliced banana. Top with a dollop of nonfat vanilla yogurt or low fat whipped topping.

3) Frozen Grapes or Berries

Frozen grapes or berries make an excellent dessert, especially in the place of popular summertime treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt. Choose seedless grapes or your favorite berries. Wash them and freeze for 45 minutes. Let your frozen fruit stand for two or three minutes before serving.

4) Broiled Pineapple Slices

Broiled pineapple slices sprinkled with brown sugar make a tasty and healthy dessert. Cut your pineapple into one-inch thick slices and coat thinly in canola oil. Place the pineapple slices under the broiler until they are slightly browned, then turn them and brown the other side. Remove your pineapple slices from the broiler when both sides are browned. Sprinkle sparingly with brown sugar.

5) Tangy Strawberries

Tangy strawberries are a healthy dessert that’s easy to make. You’ll need a pint of fresh strawberries, one or two tablespoons of sugar, and two or three teaspoons of balsamic vinegar.

Wash your berries, then remove the tops, slice them and toss them in a bowl with the sugar. Sprinkle your berries with the balsamic vinegar and let them stand for 20 minutes before serving.

6) Ice Cream Soda with Frozen Yogurt

You can use nonfat frozen yogurt, club soda and fruit to make a healthy ice cream soda dessert. Blend the fruit of your choice with softened nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt. Place the blended mixture into a glass and pour over cold club soda. Add a scoop of plain vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt to create your ice cream soda.


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