Cost vs. Calories: The Best Bet on Workout DVDs

Sorting through the selection of Workout DVDs available in-store or online is a workout in itself. Finding your best bet for an efficient and effective workout (both in terms of calories and by monetary measures) isn’t an exact science. You have everything available to you from the $10 thirty-minute sculpting videos all the way to elaborate–an pricey–systems that can run for as much as $100. The best workout video or system isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Don’t be lured into thinking that spending more money on a video will lead to better results. Here’s the lowdown on selecting your best bet for a workout DVD.

Pricey Systems

It makes sense that an expensive workout video set leads to results. Most of the systems require that you work out five or six days a week for at least 60 minutes. Anyone who works out practically every day for more than 30 minutes on a weekly basis, using a workout video set or not, is going to shape up! The key to the results isn’t in the video necessarily–it’s the motivation of the user. Spending over $100 on a system doesn’t guarantee results, just the same way purchasing a gym membership doesn’t mean you’ll drop a pant size in six weeks. You have to actually stick with the video workout system or gym routine in order for it to work.

However, if you are extremely motivated and prefer challenging routines, an expensive workout DVD system is probably your best bet. The expensive systems are so effective because they contain a greater variety of routines and exercises to keep you challenged. They’re designed to help you avoid muscle memory. You’ll constantly do new moves that allow you to avoid the plateau most people hit at some point in their workout routine.

Standard Workout DVDs

For the average person, an expensive DVD workout system won’t be effective because it becomes too challenging or time consuming. Again, you have to be extremely dedicated for one of those systems to work. If you’re looking for something less intense, there are a number of single DVD workout videos that will be effective for you. In general, the most effective workouts combine cardiovascular activity with strength training. Since single DVDs are much less expensive than an entire system, you can afford to purchase several and mix and match them during the week to keep from becoming bored. From Pilates to Kickboxing to strength training, you can find a workout video for just about everything.

You really need to know yourself and your habits before you purchase an expensive workout DVD system. The systems are only a good bet if you’re extremely disciplined and up for a challenge. You can easily find less expensive workout DVDs that will give you great results as well. You just have to be sure to use them consistently and eat healthily.


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