Corn Tortillas versus Flour Tortillas: Which is Healthier?

What’s the difference between flour and corn tortillas? According to the Tortilla Industry Association, “tortillas are the most popular of all ethnic breads in the U.S. today including bagels, pita bread and English muffins,” so obviously this is a question that needs to be addressed. The following examines the pros and cons of both corn and flour tortillas to figure out for once and for all which is healthier.


Corn tortillas contain 70 calories and flour tortillas have 150. Obviously, corn has the edge here. However, you have to consider that corn tortillas are often smaller than flour, so you may eat more. But, on a tortilla to tortilla calorie comparison, corn wins.



Corn tortillas have 1 gram of fat and flour tortillas are higher at 3.5 grams. While not all diets make low fat a priority and many suggest that incorporating certain fats into your diet can be beneficial, the most concerning factor in this matchup is that 1.5 grams of the fat in flour tortillas are actually saturated fat, commonly known as the “bad fat” that all healthy eaters need to avoid. Corn wins.

Protein & Fiber


Protein and fiber are sometimes overlooked, but very important factors to consider when examining a nutrition label. Protein tells you how long the food will stick with you and help prevent hunger. Fiber assists with digestion and makes sure that your food passes through you rather than being converted and stored as fat. Corn tortillas have 2 grams of protein and zero grams of fiber.  Flour tortillas have 4 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber. Winner here: flour. 

Ingredient List

Corn tortillas have a very simple ingredient list, including corn flour and water. Corn tortillas are both wheat and gluten free, which is great for people with allergies. Flour has a much longer ingredient list including additives for flavor including salt. One flour tortilla can have up to 20% of your daily sodium intake. Another point for corn.  

Cooking Uses

Both corn and flour tortillas have a place in the kitchen. Flour tortillas are great for handheld foods including burritos or wraps. Corn tortillas are great for tacos, enchiladas and tostadas. Winner here? We’ll call it a tie.


Don’t forget to consider taste, even when on a diet! Corn tortillas have a more earthy, natural taste while flour is more rich and decadent. Winner? It comes down to a personal preference decision.  

After examining the health factors in a side by side comparison, both flour and corn tortillas have their pluses and minuses. But, based on calories, fat content and the ingredient list, all which are key components in weight loss, corn tortillas win as the healthier option. So, next time you are at a restaurant and your server asks, “Would you like corn or flour tortillas?,” make the healthy decision and choose corn.


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  • Jonnaliz

    I’m so glad I found this! I’ve actually switched from flour to corn tortillas for making breakfast burritos, and this was just the information I needed. I love flour tortillas, but I would eat them way too much. And the corn tortillas I get are tasty. Thanks!

  • Manuek

    I love corn tortillas, thanks for the info

  • Paul A Heinemann

    This information is absolutely wrong! Mission Brand Corn Tortillas have 2 grams of fiber and 16 grams carbs, making the fiber to carb ratio very very good, much better than flour.

  • Looking

    This is what I was looking for.. went to the grocery store the other day.. was reading the labels.. corn did have better numbers all around but wasnt sure cuz peeps keeps making fuss about wheat is always better.. after reading the labels and this info here.. I’m gonna go out and get corn tortillas.. πŸ™‚

  • gloria

    My son eats flour tortillas everyday which I don’t like but that’s what he wants n babysitter that’s what she gives them I don’t mind him eating flour but not everyday n by its self he puts no food and I just don’t know how its going to affect him

  • R J Dio

    Its better than white bread!

  • tristin

    corn tortillas have fiber

  • Jozzie

    Corn tortillas are not wheat free. I bought some today. It says Corn. When I got home I looked at the ingredient list. Second ingredient is wheat flour.

  • Love Rastafari

    1 corn tortilla 6″ diameter has 1.4 grams of fiber- winner corn
    Corn tortillas have many other uses like my favorite Chilaquiles, or Tostadas, or Quesadillas, and everyones favorite homemade chips and salsa…..

  • Wandering Mike

    I realize this thread is a bit old, But if buying pre-made stuff, you have to go to the ingredient list like anything else and try and see if you understand all the words. Goes for both flour and corn. Unfortunately packaged flour tortillas often have partially hydrogenated fats as well. If you make them yourself, both are very simple. Lots of recipes on the web. No special tools required. Essentially you have wheat or corn flour to which is added water with a bit of salt and sometimes some oil/lard/fat. Typically less fat for corn tortillas. The masa directions on the bag don’t call for any fat to be added. But some prepared masa flours have fat of some kind added. (Shucks, you have to read the label again.) The masa for corn is processed with lime I think it is. Some folks add a bit of baking powder to their flour tortillas. As to calories, on an ounce for ounce basis, from what I can find, corn flour and wheat flour have about 103 calories per ounce. So, as long as you are making it yourself, it seems to be a coin toss, but without question better tasting than the packaged stuff IMHO.

  • Bob S. Youruncle

    The article says thay corn tortillas have no fiber

  • Bob S. Youruncle

    Why does the article say that corn tortillas have no fiber? I tend to believe the nutritionists.

  • Love Rastafari

    I don’t know why this article says they have no fiber, many other sources say they do have fiber. But some packaged tortillas say they do have fiber, and some say not. Maybe the ones with no fiber have less than a gram due to being small, and they list it as no fiber. Or maybe they are not all corn.
    But, corn is a whole grain, corn tortillas count as whole grain servings, and most corn tortillas do indeed have fiber. Eating corn and beans together also is an extra nutritional boost- complete enzymes or something like that…
    Also, it is wortn finding feeshly made corn toftilas, for superior taste, or, as I have, learn to make corn tortillas at home from masa harina or from fresh made masa from a tortorilla or from a mexican or central american market. It is fun to make the tortillas, once you get the hang of it, and it is like eating freshly prepared bread as opposed to stale store bought tortillas sitting on a shelf for a week inside a plastic bag πŸ˜‰ The taste and texture is uncomparable.
    Bottom line, corn tortillas have less fat, are a whole grain source and have more flavor than flour tortillas. They just require a little more searching for the freshly made tortillas, or some practice making them yourself. You can also make turnovers, or quesadillas with the fresh corn masa and no cheese needed as the fresh masa sticks together without cheese, so you can fill them with meat or vegetables, endless possibilities with a lot less fat compared to flour tortillas πŸ™‚