Core Balance Diet

The Core Balance Diet was created by Marcelle Pick, co-founder of Women to Women. She believes that weight gain is the result of imbalances between metabolism and physiology. Pick’s Core Balance Diet claims to restore balance between the metabolism and the body to bring about permanent weight loss.

The Premise

Core Balance Diet creator Marcelle Pick believes that weight gain is the result of imbalances between the metabolism and physiology. Pick identifies six common metabolic imbalances that can cause weight gain. Imbalances can be related to inflammation and detoxification or to the digestive, adrenal, hormonal or nervous systems. Correcting these imbalances leads to balance between the metabolism and the body and can lead to long term weight loss.

The Diet

The Core Balance Diet is a four week diet program. During the first two weeks of the diet, you’ll undergo a detoxification process. You’ll identify which metabolic imbalances are causing your weight gain, and you’ll learn about your specific obstacles on the road to weight loss. Finally, you’ll learn the health habits that make sustaining a healthy weight possible. 

During the second two weeks of the Core Balance Diet, you’ll begin your personalized weight loss plan. You’ll eat meals made up of 30% fat, 30% protein and 30% carbohydrates. Your meals will be based on whole foods; this diet emphasizes omega-3 fatty acids, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, like whole grains. 

Pick emphasizes the importance of exercise to good health, especially for its role in eliminating belly fat and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Pick recommends dieters exercise in a way that is fun and relieves stress, so that working out does not become yet another source of anxiety in your life.

What to Get Excited Over

The Core Balance Diet is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual dieter. It places more emphasis on eating for good health, which, ultimately, will bring about long term, sustainable weight loss. The Core Balance Diet helps dieters face and cope with emotional and psychological problems that may be contributing to weight gain.

The Core Balance Diet encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and may help to prevent or treat heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The Core Balance Diet offers meal plans and recipes to help dieters learn how to eat healthfully. The Core Balance Diet can be a great match for those who have tried a number of conventional diets and remain discouraged, since the Core Balance Diet offers a customized weight loss plan that can often be more successful than conventional diets. 

Things to Consider

You’ll spend a lot of time preparing the meals for this diet. You may need to use nutritional supplements or even have diagnostic tests performed in the course of following this diet.

The Verdict

The Core Balance Diet is a healthy and safe diet that can improve your health and help you achieve long term weight loss, even if many other diets have failed for you in the past.


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